Hum Do Humare Do Review (No Spoilers): Is It a Comedy? Is it a Romance? Is It a Social Drama? I Don’t Know and Neither Did the Filmmakers!!!

Well, this was a cute harmless movie with a few good moments, but ultimately kind of a mess. It’s one thing to be Masala, it’s another thing to just be tonally mushy.

Kriti Sanon seemed to think she was in a romance, Ratna Pathak thought she was in a touching drama, Paresh Rawal thought he was in a comedy, and Rajkummar kept switching tones depending on his scene partner. Every once in a while they would come together and be aligned and then it was good. But most of the time it felt like everyone was just sort of missing each other.

Hum Do Hamare Do (2021) - IMDb

I’m not going to NOT recommend it, there is nothing actively wrong with this movie. But there isn’t much actively right either. Only one full on song and dance sequence over the end credits, honestly not that much chemistry between the leads, very few straight laughs, and I got VERY distracted by Ratna Pathak’s hairline that I have somehow never noticed before. So, you know, folding laundry movie. Maybe a folding laundry/cooking dinner/napping movie.

It’s kind of an odd movie because it knows what point it wants to make and it’s a good point, but it goes all over the place getting there and heads down all kinds of needless blind alleys. And also misses loads of opportunities to make the same point earlier. And also sort of drops some plot points it seems to run out of time for. Yeah, it’s not great.

But it’s harmless? And Rajkummar is cute? And Kriti is her delightful self, and Ratna is always good? So yeah, watch it I guess if you’ve got nothing else to do.

Oh, and the point revolves around what defines a family and family duties and roles and stuff in India, so if you are interested in discussing that kind of thing, this is a good movie to watch.


5 thoughts on “Hum Do Humare Do Review (No Spoilers): Is It a Comedy? Is it a Romance? Is It a Social Drama? I Don’t Know and Neither Did the Filmmakers!!!

  1. Honestly, it sounds too dull for me to even put on my post-Christopher Lee watchlist, which is insane considering who’s in it. What is even the point of an Indian movie without song and dance numbers? You might as well watch something else at that point.


  2. You’re right about it being a mess tonally! Also it felt kinda incomplete, like they introduced some things like the part about Ratna Pathak’s actual son that I was expecting them to go back to but they never did.

    Also I felt like the movie would have been much better if they spent more time in the beginning establishing Kriti and Rajkummar’s relationship. It seemed like they just got together and then they were starting to plan getting married right away.


    • I kind of went the opposite, I would have liked it if the movie started with the proposal and we learned Kriti and Rajkummar had been together for years. Either show more romance, or don’t show anything at all.

      On Wed, Nov 10, 2021 at 12:29 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yeah, I agree. I wouldn’t have minded if they just started from the proposal either. It’s just that what they did show us didn’t seem like it was enough.


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