Discussion Post: What Celebrity Do You Irrationally Like? Personally, not Professionally or Politically

The follow up to the mean post! What celebrities do we just like, for no reason related to their careers?

Taking SRK off the table, obviously he is universally loved as a person by the DCIB community. Even the one person who doesn’t like him as an actor (you know who you are).

Sid M: I just like him! He works hard, he keeps his head down, he doesn’t say mean things or do cheap publicity stunts. And his instagram is full of nice photos of him drinking coffee and reading and things. He just seems like a nice solid dude.

Anil Kapoor: Always smiling! Always saying nice supportive things about his kids! And everyone who works with him seems to fall a little in love with him too.

Sonakshi Sinha: Again, works hard, keeps her head down, doesn’t say mean things. But mostly, I just like her and can’t explain why!

Preity Zinta: It’s Preity! She has dimples! And she married a man literally named “Goodenough”! And she posts cute photos of her dog on instagram.

Jackie Shroff: It’s JACKIE! Again, everyone seems to like him. And he really did come up from nothing and makes no bones about it.

Jackie Shroff believes he has 'no contribution in bringing up Tiger Shroff';  Opens up on son's house purchase | PINKVILLA

Okay, who are your illogical likes?


14 thoughts on “Discussion Post: What Celebrity Do You Irrationally Like? Personally, not Professionally or Politically

  1. Abhishek. Though tall, I don’t find him attractive and I’m not convinced he’s a great actor, but I like him. Sanya Malhotra, she isn’t amazingly gorgeous, but there is something about her face that makes you want to be her friend. I suspect she isn’t a bad actor as well. Parineeti – sometimes she is a bad actor, and yet I still like her, I have no idea why. Oh, and there are random character actors who I just love. They might not be random so much as I just don’t know their names, but when I see their faces on screen I smile.


    • I also like Abhishek! I think he is a good actor, but beyond that, I like him as a person.

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  2. Abhishek and Saif. It might all be part of the act, but they just come across as likeable guys without too much drama. So much so, actually, that my stance on Kareena has softened considerably since she’s with Saif. For them to work as a couple, either he has to be a bitch too, or she’s not as much of one as one might initially think. I choose to believe the latter.


    • Now I’m trying to think of an Abhishek-Saif movie! I am sure there is one, but I am blanking on what it could be.

      On Wed, Nov 10, 2021 at 1:49 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Jackie Shroff- even though he is mentioned in Pandora Papers as a beneficiary of a trust.

    Ajith, NTR, Allu Arjun-All seem like men that don’t bother other people too much. Ajith has some interesting hobbies tho. NTR seems to participate in his granddads party campaigns and the party seems to be a rotten egg.


  4. I feel the same way you do about everyone you have listed above.

    In addition, I just really like Sonam and Rhea. I always say that if there was a celebrity I would want to be friends with it would be her. I don’t know why, but she just seems like she would be a good friend.

    The other person I feel similarly towards is Kriti. I like that she is an engineer, has a good head on her sholders, hard working, pleasent, and just an all around good person. I also just enjoy how expressive she is when she dances. Something about it again makes me feel like she is just enjoying it so much.

    I also really like Ranveer. I think I like him the most because of how Deepika describes him and how she is when she is around him. I agree with you that the Ranveer we see when the cameras are on is completely for show. At home, i just see him being caring, intuned with Deepika’s moods and feelings, and just great at making Deepika always feel like she is his priority. I feel like he brings her out of her shell and need to always be perfect, and helps her loosen up a bit and relax and she sees him for the smart, caring person that he is.

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  5. Other than the people you mentioned for me as well as who Filmikhudi mentioned and the reasons why:

    Harsh and Sonam Kapoor: He is just himself, shy and seems like a nice guy. Sonam just seems so nice even though she can sometimes talk herself into trouble, though less so nowadays.

    Katrina Kaif: Very positive and I can’t wait for the final confirmation of the wedding with Vicky. There are so many rumours in Pinkvilla and if it wasn’t true there would have been a statement already. They are well-matched in my eyes!

    Nora Fatehi: Dancer and singer, doesn’t usually choose movies I would ever watch (she needs work so I don’t fault her), but I like her personality and dancing skills. No other reason really.

    Jaqueline Fernandez: Just so happy! I don’t want anything bad happening to her. Just a delight in every way.

    Sunny Leone: A very rational business person who isn’t ashamed of her past and who seems like a sweet person and a good mom. I love that she still gets work as an item song dancer, but also does other things.

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    • Yes!!! How did I forget Katrina?! I adore her. I feel strangely protective towards her. I’m so glad you are following her wedding rumors too. The one that made me think this is really happening was when I heard that people were calling the hotel where she’s supposed to get married and in the midst of the hotel’s busy season it is not taking any reservations for the 10-day period during which the wedding is supposed to happen.

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  6. Thinking about this, and if I disregard their careers, there’s really no one I like enough that I want to keep up with. Of the people you and others have mentioned, most of them are nice enough but also I’d forget they exist if they’re not on screen, except Jackie and Anil I suppose, and I would add Anushka and Katrina. But even for them, nice as they are, my primary reason for liking them is because I like them onscreen.


  7. I like Tara Sutaria a lot. I know nothing about her private life and saw her only in Marjaavan so far but she just looks very nice and I’m happy when I see she signs new movies and works.


  8. I also like all the people you like. Say what you will about his acting, Sid actually seems pretty intelligent.

    I love Vidya, but of course that’s totally rational.

    I also like Ranveer, for the reasons Filmikudhi gave and also he seems really smart. He seems really smart in interviews and also he’s handled his career so well. He figured out his brand, came out of the gate like “Hi, I’m a movie star” and has been steadily going up ever since.

    I also like Alia! I feel like she gets a lot of hate because of her parentage and supposedly cozy relationship with Karan, but she also seems smart (contrary to the rumor she addressed) and unpretentious.


  9. Sid, obviously. But also Jahnvi, Sara, and Tiger. Not the most talented, but they’re so great to watch in interviews for different reasons. Jahnvi is adorable, Sara is intelligent and articulate, and Tiger has such a calming energy. They all seem to recognize their privilege in the industry as well. Katrina and Nora also seem like hard workers and very grateful for their success in the industry.


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