Friday WatchAlong: Aarzoo! For Kirre’s Birthday!!!!! 3pm Chicago time, on Einthusan

Happy Kirre’s Birthday Week!!!!! We are watching a movie that has been recommended to me many times, but I’ve never got around to watching. So, the perfect birthday pick!

Aarzoo! It’s only available on einthusan, so you should watch it there. And then also, we should all be more or less time synced which is the BEST way to do a watchalong.

Anu Malik, Anand Bakshi – Aarzoo (1998, CD) - Discogs

At 3pm Chicago time, I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and then we can all just keep commenting along. I’m excited! We never watch a new-to-Margaret movie!


373 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Aarzoo! For Kirre’s Birthday!!!!! 3pm Chicago time, on Einthusan

  1. Okay, so the message so far seems to be: kids need dads, even if those kids are illegitimate and those dads are stepdads, or else they get all murder-happy.

    Doesn’t explain why Akshay is slinking around with a rifle, but it does explain some things.


  2. I am completely lost in plot, by the way. I am counting on y’all to explain it. For instance, do we know how akshay survived the MASSIVE EXPLOSION yet?


  3. Wait–she does have some vestige of her former fashion sense. Those metallic platform strappy sandal-things are the shoes she was wearing with the powder-blue outfit, when Saif and Akshay were struggling to get all her packages out of the store!

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