Saturday WatchAlong: Dushmani! 8am! For JACKIE!!!

Happy Saturday! And Happy Jackie Birthday Week! I have been talked into doing an ACTUAL Jackie movie, not just one of his modern ones where he has a little father role and nothing else.

Dushmani! I know nothing about it! Except that it is Jackie and Sunny and from 1995. So I am expecting lots of fake blood, very little dancing, and some questionable sexual politics. WOOT! Oh, and for Jackie to show too much skin, because it’s what he does.

- Dushmani - Music

At 8am Chicago time, I will put up a comment on this post “And PLAY” and then we can all comment along together from there.


304 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Dushmani! 8am! For JACKIE!!!

  1. Well, that was a 1995 movie all right! Totally worth it for Neena Gupta and various other moments. But perhaps not one I will ever bother to watch again.


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