DCIB Book Club: Sparkling Cyanide! My Favorite Agatha Christie!!!! Discussion Sunday the 13th

Woot! Keeping up the book club train! It’s cold and snowy, it’s book season. And this is another short fun one with, best of all, a large specific list of characters that it would be super fun to recast in Indian film. Oh, and a nice little romance.

Sparkling Cyanide! Also published under the name “Remembered Death”. It’s more of a romance and novel of manners than a murder mystery, although the mystery also has that Christie genius of clockwork precision and originality. It all revolves around a dinner party, which means we have 7 central characters who all have their own backstories and fun stuff.

Like all Christie’s, it is readily available basically everywhere (kindle, your library, your local bookstore, etc.). I’m giving you two weeks to find and read it, which should be plenty of time!

Sparkling Cyanide (Fontana Books 419) by Agatha Christie: Very Good Mass  Market Paperback (1960) First Thus | Walther's Books

(and for the ones who haven’t finished Laura yet, please swing back and join the discussion once you are done! That post is still up)

6 thoughts on “DCIB Book Club: Sparkling Cyanide! My Favorite Agatha Christie!!!! Discussion Sunday the 13th

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  2. Thank you for keeping book discussions alive! I found and read this one — my first after the baby (and a relentless six weeks since birth!). Really enjoyed it and look forward to your views on the story!


    • Yaaaaaaaaaay, so glad you liked it! Looking forward to the discussion next Sunday.

      On Sun, Feb 6, 2022 at 10:29 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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