DCIB Book Club: Sparkling Cyanide! My Favorite Agatha Christie!!!! Discussion Sunday the 13th

Woot! Keeping up the book club train! It’s cold and snowy, it’s book season. And this is another short fun one with, best of all, a large specific list of characters that it would be super fun to recast in Indian film. Oh, and a nice little romance.

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DCIB Book Club! Read Fast Fun FREE Agatha Christie’s The Secret Adversary and Talk About it Here in a Week (Sunday 1/10)!

A New Thing!!!! Just like I used to announce reviews in advance so folks could watch the movies and be ready to discuss, I am announcing a semi-random book in advance! It’s fun, it’s short, it’s FREE (in most places depending on copyright laws), and it is so popular there’s a good chance many of you have already read it. If you haven’t you can skim through the whole thing in like 3-4 hours, so just do that instead of watching a movie this week. On Sunday, a week from now, I will put up a discussion post and we can chat.

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