Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Hide From the Cold!!!

Happy Saturday!!!! It is very cold here. Well, not VERY cold, it is fairly cold here. Cold enough that my usual Saturday routine of a very long dog walk and running over to the recycling center is not so appealing. So instead, I will stay by my space heater and do taxes!

Okay, there are three VERY IMPORTANT things for us to talk about.

First, Gangubai Trailer!

The thing that sticks out to me the most, is that there is no plot? I mean, it’s kind of a weird trailer as a trailer. Just a bunch of cut together scenes of Alia in character all mixed up. I like Alia’s performance okay, although it does have a touch of that Ranbir-in-Sanju feel of impersonation more than acting. And there are lots of interesting moments. I’m just worried the final film might be kind of a mess if they couldn’t even cut together a coherent trailer.

Next, new Gehraiyaan song!

The most fascinating part to me is the song. Super hip non-filmi musician did the music apparently, and it is so different and hypnotic and all of that, it makes me really curious about the movie that would be going for that sort of vibe. Although I think we can all agree, this is still and forever will be the best song ever in a Shakun Batra movie:

And finally, Salman’s new music video!!!! OMG, it is so delightfully Salman. It’s just him dancing with a bunch of people he likes! Including Anil, Aamir, and Kat!!! Only flaw, not enough Helen. Best part, when he refers to Anil as his “junior”. Because it’s true, Anil is always young at heart.

21 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Hide From the Cold!!!

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  3. OMG the Salman video!!! I agree with Kainaat’s comment from the Wednesday Watching post. Salman has turned into the weird uncle who records his family dancing and then put it up on social media. How is this a song? Why is it stuck in my head? If I didn’t know any better I would wonder is Salman was high while shooting this?

    I had the same reaction that you did to Alia’s portrayal in Gabgubai. I even said the same thing, that this reminds me of Ranbir playing Sanju. Nevertheless, I am still excited to watch the movie. I have zero expectations from SLB. The only movie of his I have ever liked is Ram Leela and that is 100% due to Deepika and Ranveer’s insane chemistry and their general hornyness/lustyness toward each other.
    Maybe I’m excited because I’m hoping this isn’t another tragedy. I am also just curious how he handles a mafia queen like Gangubai.

    And yes, Kar Gayi Chul will forever be Shakun Batra’s best song ever!!!


    • Oh man, it just occurred to me, do you think Alia is taking acting “lessons” from Ranbir? UGH! I really hope he hasn’t brainwashed her into thinking his way of acting is the Best/Only way.


  4. Brahmastra entered it’s fifth year of filming! (and another delay)
    On this occasion I read some artices and I noticed there must be a lot of tension because the most used sentences are “We are very confident” and “He/She/We believe in this film”. Also Karan is like:
    ” When she (Alia) signed the film she was 21 years old. I mean, she’s 28 today and you know when the film is going to release, she’ll be 29. She literally grew up in cinema. She came as a newbie to [become] a veteran actress now”
    Like it was a good thing! He also says:
    “We just hope and pray literally every day that it matches, and none of us are in it for the money anymore.”
    Sure. I don’t know how much this movie should earn to start recovering the money. And I don’t know you, but for me if someone prays everyday it’s because he is not confident at all.


    • “no one is in it for the money any more”? Has Karan lost track that he is supposed to be running a business? It’s okay to do a passion project or take a loss, but you can’t just burn your store down because of how pretty the lights look.


  5. Gangubai looks like it’s going to be super misogynist (a Bhansali movie, misogynist???? shocker) and the only way I will watch it is if the whole thing is her and that hjira character fighting each other. It would be best if they then got together but Bhansali would never.

    Anyway, you’re right, it feels like dress up. She looks like an awkward 12 year old trying on her mother’s evening gown.


    • I also think Alia’s acting might be a bad fit for Bhansali? Bhansali is so image focused. Not in a bad way, just that he is very precise about how he wants things to look, the exact expression and stuff. And Alia is an emotional actress, just throws herself into things. I think Bhansali may end up squashing her.


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  7. Just watched Sanam Teri Kasam, by coincidence, it is the films 6th anniversary today also. OMG, this is such a perfect movie made for me! Tragic, swoony romantic, all emotional and the music is so GORGEOUS!!! Like, it’s just a checklist of all my favourite tragic romance tropes. And the romantic scenes are just so intimate!!!


  8. Explain the dude with zzz’s coming out of his mouth in the Salman’s visually cute and musically lacking dance with me video.


    • I’m going on the theory that he is supposed to be dreaming the video?

      On Sun, Feb 6, 2022 at 5:24 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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