Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to the Day Bappi Lahiri Died?

Happy Wednesday! And also Sad Wednesday, because Bappi (King of Disco) is dead.

I’ll start!

Reading: Mostly internet commentary on Ted Lasso. General consensus is, Rebecca is the best, Nate is the worst, and Rob and Keeley are The Perfect Couple.

Watching: I watched Brooklyn for a film group yesterday and it is quite good! And nice and happy and pleasant and all those things, if you need something nice and happy and pleasant to watch. Oh, and I’m still watching Star Trek TNG. And also, the new season of Agatha Raisin. And the new Father Brown spin-off, Sister Boniface. I’m BUSY.

Thinking: I miss my vacation. But also, the park I went to is only a few hours outside of Chicago, I could totally drive there for the day and hike and then come back whenever I wanted. It just never occurs to me to do it.

Listening: Bappi!!!

I Am a Disco Dancer

Okay, question for you! Favorite Bappi song?

“Disco Dancer” is of course the classic. But I think I’m gonna go Madhuri, “Humko aaj Kal Hai”


30 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to the Day Bappi Lahiri Died?

  1. Watching: I finally watched Atrangi Re and I’m obsessed, thank you for the recommendation. It was so wonderful and I keep on thinking about random stills from the movie. Also why doesn’t Hindi cinema make more romance movies? I’m bored of all the dark edgy thrillers or the pretentious urban comedies.

    Reading: I’m trying to read Bell Jar but honestly I’m just exhausted and don’t feel like doing anything other than watching movies.

    Listening: Jawani Janeman in honour of Bappi Lahri’s memory. It’s so sad we’ve lost so much music in the past few days .

    Thinking: I’m so exhausted and fed up.

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  2. I´ve been sadly watching Govinda-Bappi item songs, as you may imagine.

    Choosing my favourite is MY CHALLENGE



    Actually, not a challenge at all, it´s easily my favourite. Strictly speaking, Govinda does barely any actual dancing but it still kills me when he slowly sinks into the splits.

    Some more normal favourites

    And of course

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  3. I was supposed to see “Badhaai Do” yesterday but wound up staying at home because the neighbors nearly burned the house down. I was so occupied with a) standing in the snow in my pajamas and b) trying to figure out how to turn off the fire alarm afterwards that I forgot to even try to refund my ticket, sigh. Rescheduled for tomorrow!

    Popka has already hit on some fave Bappi Da songs, but here are a couple others that are cute as all heck:

    I don’t think I could bring myself to voluntarily listen to the entirety of “Ke Pag Ghunghroo Bandh Meera” out of context, but the image of Amitabh doing the robot flashes idly across my brain several times per diem.


    • I have twice had a massive fire on my block, and not noticed it. Just went out a few days later and went “hey, was that building always an empty shell? Did something happen?” Anyway, very impressed with your awareness of your surroundings.

      On Wed, Feb 16, 2022 at 10:28 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Oh, don’t be fooled–I wasn’t aware of anything. I had lain down for a nap and set an alarm in time to scrape the ice off the car and go to the cinema. When the alarm woke me up, I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off. . . turned out I was also hearing the fire alarm from the laundry room, which is directly opposite my bedroom wall. Everybody else in the window was either still at work or had already evacuated : P

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  5. Favorite Bappi songs:

    This goes on the top of the list and it is both Lata and Bappi.

    Also, this

    I am back at work this week. Blahh! So,I need something to look forward to. Since it is the last “love” week watchalong, any chance you are in the mood for Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke? It’s available legally for a small fee.

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  8. Listening: ‘Jab Saiyaan’ from Gangubai Kathiwadi. Such a sweet Shreya song! And this is apparently Shantanu Maheshwari first movie, which is a nice start. He’s apparently a dancer as well (did a quick Wiki search) so hopefully he will have some dancing in this film.

    Bobbi was not on my radar in terms of music or favourites, so I can’t choose any of his songs as favourites. 😦


  9. There are Bappi songs that I like for musical reasons:

    Chalte chalte mere yeh geet yaad rakhna

    Tum saath ho zindagi bhar ke liye

    And then there are the guilty pleasure songs like this:

    Kasam se kasam se aashiqui hai tumse

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  10. I saw some movies lately:
    – Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui . I like it a lot. Vani was awesome

    – Jhimma, marathi movie about a group of woman travelling to London. On one hand it was kinda boring because almost nothing happens, we just follow those women on vacation, but on the other I liked it a lot because it was refreshing. It’s just women being women, no big drama, no fights, no man who must save the damsels. An ok movie.

    – Tadap. You know my love-hate relationship with this movie. First I hated idea of this remake. Then, after seeing the trailer I thought it can be good and couldn’t wait to watch it. Well it wasn’t good. #RX100 was great because it was colorful, sexy and very easy for the eyes, had beautiful music and crazy story with a twist. Tadap has almost none of those things. It was filmed in depressing blue, cold colour. There are almost no sexy scenes (which is very stupid because the fact the protagonists have a lot of sex is important for the plot) . The music is not bad but very very far from the original soundtrack. I was sure Ahan Shetty will be the worst part of the film, but I was wrong. I mean he is not a good actor, but not terrible also, and he has very nice voice. The person who destroyed the film was Tara Sutaria! The story was going well, everything worked , then she entered and opened her mouth and I was like: OMG this won’t work. Really don’t watch Tadap people, it’s such a waste of good idea. The budget of #RX100 was 2 crore, and of Tadap 27 crore. Still the latter is shorter, sadder, more boring and confused af. I don’t know where all this money went.

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  11. So many losses from the music world, back to back!

    Nothing beats Jawani Janeman –

    Yaar Bina Chain with Anil-Amrita being the cutest –

    Dil To Dil Hai – very sexy song with Asha’s vocals and Madhuri going all out to seduce Anil –

    He also has some great soft, romantic songs like this Bengali song by Lata –

    Of course, the most fitting tribute Chalte Chalte –


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