Good Morning!!! What Are the Best Good Morning Songs?

I am one of those disgusting people who always wakes up bouncing with energy and happiness. Have been my whole life. Used to drive my parents crazy. Part of this of course is that I wake up singing. “Morning Has Broken” is good, so is “Oh What a Beautiful Morning!” And then there are the Indian options. Let’s see how many we can think of so I can vary my delightful morning seranades!

First one that comes to mind, “Good Morning” from ELKDTAL

But there’s also “Good Morning India” from Khushi!

Oh, and “Wake Up Sid”!

Can you think of anything else?


22 thoughts on “Good Morning!!! What Are the Best Good Morning Songs?

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  3. Yay! I love these kinds of fun assignments! I will do this in 2 comments, one for morning songs and others that are just a bop to listen to in the mornings. Just to save space. Will most likely add on if I find something else that fits the themes.

    On the waking up theme:

    ‘Dreamum Wakeupum’ – the name

    ‘Masakali’ – just has a morning commuting feel to it as shown in the song

    ‘ELKDTAL’ – Anil and Manisha literally wake up here

    ‘Kandaa Vara Sollunga’ from Karnan – Sun themes, killer song – the soundtrack is amazing! Using the lyric video because if you ever plan on seeing the film then I don’t spoil it.


  4. I already mentioned this but my husband has decided that the Good Morning song from Ek Ladki is his and my son’s morning song. It is blasted every morning in our house.

    Other house favorite good morning song is the one from Hairspray, Good Morning Baltimore.


  5. `
    This doesn’t fit your category, but I’ve always loved the morning song “Crayfish” from King Croele. (ignore the title credits section and hang on until you get to the Kitty White / Elvis duet).

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  6. My own current morning songs (ditching just the bobs the listen to theme):

    ‘Ek Number’ – it is very very catchy and so very very cute!

    ‘Balad El Tanaod’ (Land of Contradiction) – A song about Lebanon and my goodness it is so good to wake up to in the morning! Look up the translated lyrics online, they add so much! This live version is better than the album version.

    ‘Sallem aala Masr’ (Greetings, Egypt) – What it says on the title. Hiba sang this in the Egyptian dialect (see the above for a close ear comparison between Lebanese and Egyptian Arabic). Just so nice and bright song!

    ‘Darla dirladada’ – An old Greek Island fishermen folk song that Dalida then covered and made popular.

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  7. Rise & Shine & Give God Your Glory Glory – that is what my Mom would sing. I often break into Oh What a Beautiful Morning when I walk out the door and it IS beautiful, but that only works if I don’t think about the actual plot of the movie too much. No one wants to the day to end on standing on a burning pile of hay.


  8. I very much expected you to have the Good Morning song from Singing in the Rain among your non-Indian choices, Margaret.

    But I’d definitely go for the ELKDTAL song.


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  10. Catching up on the week’s posts :). This is dating myself but this Ani Difranco song was my wakeup song for a big chunk of sophomore year of college and it’s still the first one I think of. “In a coffee shop, in a city, which is every coffee shop in every city, on a day which is every day.”

    I like how the guitar brings you in gently and then later on the horn section kicks in to bring the brightness. And the feeling of being two punk-looking girls in a coffee shop in middle America where people are looking at you funny, that rebel energy helps get me going. I am not a morning person.

    On a chiller vibe, this was another one in the rotation that same year. For those of us who need to ease into the day on a hopeful note.


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