New SRK Ad! For Thums Up!

I am just DELIGHTED by this! The ad itself of course, but also that after being the face of Pepsi and all those other international brands, he is selling Thums Up. It’s a great Brand SRK decision to be the face of India.

Fun ad, if it is a backwards teaser for Pathan I like the hair and glasses, and it does give that vibe of old-timey Masala whistle in the crowd heroism. Just the whole vibe is really great and nostalgic. Oh, and I love that we get that reaction shot of the smiling happy woman, excellent nod towards SRK’s fanbase even in this action role. All around, lovely ad. And a great start to my week of Shahrukh Spring bracket contest.

22 thoughts on “New SRK Ad! For Thums Up!

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  2. Is it just me or am I just happy to see him in anything even if it’s an ad. Salman is the only one who blessed us with a movie during these 2 years, the rest or the khans have vanished. I’m so excited for Pathan and also SRK has started the movie with Hirani. Please let it be a hit *fingers crossed*!


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  4. I find it interesting that Thums Up has brought in new faces in both the North and South. Last I remember Ranveer was the face of the Hindi Thums Up ads. Mahesh was the face of Southern Thums Up for as long as I can remember (I wanna say for like the last 10 years at least) and now he’s doing ads for Mountain Dew. Vijay Deverakonda is the new Southern (or at least Telugu, idk) Thums Up person.


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