Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to This Week?

Happy Wednesday! I may or may not have a friends movie night tonight, still waiting on confirmations. But if I DO, I am considering showing them all Love Love Love. Because it is just that good/bad!

Reading: If we count podcasts as “reading”, I’m listening to one on the Hollywood Con Queen. Which (spoilers) is relevant here because the con artist was eventually revealed to be a desi man! I am fascinated by a desi using the American film industry as a source for cons, very excited to see how this all ends up.

Watching: Finished the new season of Agatha Raisin, Boring Man is still Boring Man. Also watching the snow fall and thinking “I wonder if our new snowblower will arrive tomorrow?”

Thinking: Currently, I am TOTALLY planning on watching The Fame Game this weekend! It just looks so delightfully trashy and over the top. Who will join me????

Listening: It’s Nani’s birthday tomorrow! And I assume he will celebrate with “A Family Party”

Now, really deep hard question! It’s Anupama Chopra’s birthday today, how do you currently feel about her?

I feel like she is a wonderful writer, researcher, and interviewer. But not that good in short form writing, or short video interviews (versus multiple days long interviews really digging into a series of questions). I think she has overreached herself and given in to pressure to say what she thinks people want her to say instead of embracing her own individual opinions without fear of reaction. Which I guess also goes back to the medium, if you spend 2 years writing a book, you can’t really change it based on the response. But if you spend 2 minutes writing a post, you can change your next 2 minute post based on the response.

But maybe I am out of date? Is she starting new projects I don’t know about? Or has she changed her manner in some way? Or do you just disagree with me utterly?


55 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to This Week?

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  2. I finished Shyam Singha Roy today and it was so strange. I don’t know what I think about it because it was like starting 2 diferent movies and not finishing any.

    Other news: My son and I have Covid. We had 2/3 bad days at bed, but now we are better.


    • Oh Angie!!!! I would have been so worried if I had known. And I am so glad you BOTH had it. That is, I am glad your poor kid didn’t have to be isolated from his Mom while he was sick.

      On Wed, Feb 23, 2022 at 7:44 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I think the main reason the movie feels that way is because there’s no real resolution at the end for the present day romance with Krithi Shetty.

      Oh no! Wishing you both a full recovery!


      • I don’t even care that much about Krthi Shetty romance (btw the girl can’t act but I see her in every new telugu trailer these days). I’m more interested what kind of person Nani will be after all this story. And what happened with Devadasis from Shyam’s trust? Has the younger brother taken care of it? Or was it Rosie? I want to know.

        Thank you 🙂


        • Lol, I think Krithi’s cute but you’re right that she seems to be in every new telugu trailer these days 🙂

          I think I saw a deleted scene that showed that Shyam’s brother still ran the trust or something but I agree that there were a bunch of unanswered questions remaining.


    • So happy you’re better. My son and two of my grandsons had it, and like you, in bed 2,3 days and ok now. Hope it’s generally on the wane.

      I liked Shayam Singha Roy. Bg Nani fan and who doesn’t like Pallavi? But I wanted a different ending. Won’t spoil it and say what in case others haven’t seen it yet, but it’s about time travel. Couldn’t Sai have traveled back to her youth?

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    • I started watching Shyam Singha Roy – but from the moment the film went into the past I was kinda done with it. Maybe I should give it another go.

      I am so sorry about your dual illnesses. I hope you both feel better soon!

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    • I just remembered that I saw Say Anything with my son. Really we watch the randomest stuff together. I have never seen it before because 80′ teenage movies never made it to Poland and I only learn and enjoy those movies now.


  3. Speaking of Nani’s birthday, the teaser to his next movie, Ante Sundaraniki, is out and it looks pretty interesting. I’m really excited for this movie because the director, Vivek Athreya, made one of my favorite Telugu movies from the last couple years (Brochevarevarura) and this is his follow up to that. Also they got Nazriya Nazim to make her Telugu debut in this so I’m very hyped about that as well.

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      • It’s a crime comedy which is a genre that I typically like with an interesting screenplay. But the reason that it’s become one of my favorites is because of the friendship and comedy between the three friends and Nivetha Thomas. Also the music is really good!


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  5. Oh Anupama Chopra! This is timely because I was feeling the need to rant after her Gehraiyaan review. I agree with you mostly, I look forward to her interviews, have liked her book (I think the DDLJ one), but her reviews leave me frustrated. Of course, that is the case with most Indian reviewers. But she is forever claiming to love the old-school, emotional and dramatic ‘Bollywood’ movies, yet finds nothing to praise when new movies attempt some of that. And now for Gehraiyaan, she says something like ‘death by minimalism’ because she could not feel enough emotions and reactions from the characters! Firstly, pick a lane! Secondly, if I, as a regular viewer, could pick up on all the emotions to the extent that it caused me anxiety like no other recent film has, how do I rely on her as a reviewer when she says this? Then she brings up the poshness and privilege of the characters as being a barrier for us to empathize with their plight. I know people have trolled the film for this, but no self-respecting reviewer should even bring up this point. And the funny thing is, compared to the majority of the audience, Anupama herself is probably closest to the social class Gehraiyaan is set in, so this just feels condescending. I just don’t trust her credibility now. *Rant over*

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    • Yaaaay, an Anupama rant for her BIRTHDAY!!!! So glad I don’t read/watch her reviews.

      Maybe it’s burn out? Maybe at this point she is so sick of watching movies/doing reviews that she just hates everything? That’s where I got close to being before I took a step back.

      On Wed, Feb 23, 2022 at 12:41 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Well, that’s just sad! I’m glad you decided that for yourself! She can certainly afford to and just do interviews and stuff, she has a whole team running FC. I don’t know, recently she was on a podcast again saying how she loves the movies. She also reviews Malayalam movies now, I can only assume she loves them, since she is not obligated to review them.


        • Yes! And I am happier only reviewing things I feel like writing about, and y’all are happier than if I were cranking out 3 reviews a week and hating things. Anupama should learn from me! Step back and be happy. Learn to knit.

          On Wed, Feb 23, 2022 at 1:38 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  6. As promised, an attempt to get comprehensible photos of my hair: (ft. new emboidered abaya from high holidays this past year and a bonus photo of me trying to coax the phone camera into working.

    It hits about three inches below the knee when wet, halfway down the thigh when it’s dry. I brushed my curls out for the photos so everything looks suuuuper poofy ; P


  7. Has anyone seen or is planning to see the Malayalam film, Hridayam? It’s a coming of age/romance that i’ve heard getting compared to Premam, Vaaranam Aayiram, etc.
    I actually haven’t seen it yet but I really like songs from the movie.


  8. Love Love Love was almost as fun as that Snake Lady watch-a-long. Almost. But maybe the snake lady movie would have been better with disco.

    Yesterday we got the TV we ordered last month. The first one came damaged. It is very big. Unfortunately we let the kids pick the first movie we watched on it and it was Journey 2 – the um 16 year old is a fan of the The Rock. Vanessa Hudgens was not a fabulous actress in 2012. Why am I thinking about acting, there were giant bees and giant flower trees and giant spiders giant EVERYTHING! Yeah it was boring. The um 16 year old really wanted to show it to us, and I tried to like it. I however wanted to and tried to watch Pushpa on the giant screen while folding laundry today, but alas I just don’t have THAT MUCH laundry.

    I just gave the book I was reading to my mother-in-law which is kinda problematic because I’m not sure I can get another copy in town and I have to read it by March 9th. But she seemed so interested… I might be able to get someone to loan me a copy (book club book, so I KNOW other people have it). The memoir of an upper class Sandista young woman in Nicaragua is in fact interesting.


    • I have not seen Journey 2 but I’m a huge fan of the Rock also! Have you or the kids seen Hobbs and Shaw with the Rock and Jason Statham? It’s one of the Fast and Furious spin off movies and it’s highly entertaining. The chemistry between Rock and Jason is so fun to watch!

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    • Oh oh! What about the original Jumanji? That would look good on a big screen, and has big weird things!

      On Wed, Feb 23, 2022 at 10:42 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • Oh, Vanessa Hudgens . I watched High School Musical with my son few days ago and I was shocked how bad actress Vanessa Hudgens is. Like it’s Disney’s 2006 movie, my expectations were low, but she still managed to shock me with her lack of talent.

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  9. I watched Padmavaat for the 2nd time and disliked it but less than the 1st time. I honestly mostly enjoyed the movie even though it was slow and had paper-thin characters. Yet I hated the end of the movie, with the glorification of Jauhar and also that the film barely had a female perspective. The movie’s main character was really Khilji, then Raja Ratan Singh, then Jim Sarbh and then Rani Padmini.

    I was really disappointed and wished that Mehrunissa, Raja’s first wife, the old woman in Chittor and of course Padmavati were more developed. As they all were strong actors and it felt much more interesting to me than the boring ego game those two were having.

    I definitely felt the movie’s better on streaming than on tv and was more engaging as I watched in like 30 minute chunks rather than the full way through. Generally I feel the movie if it was more developed and more layered, it could’ve been a really good film.


  10. I watched this trailer twice to understand what they mean with the tiger dating a rabbit, and still I don’t understand. My mind still hasn’t fully recovered, but one thing I understand – if that’s the most interesting part of the film, I think they’re doomed.


      • Why not? It’s a classic now. Do you know someone who watched it and hated it? I never heard about such person/ monster. Even if the fanbase isn’t big it exists, and it’s something.


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