Fame Game Last 2 Episodes! Spoilers and Whole Series Discussion

Well this was FASCINATING!!!! And I am sure I am going to continue to have thoughts over the next few days, especially as I discuss it with you.

Episode 7

This is the false ending-ending. We learn that 2 months ago, Sanjay tried to kill Avi after discovering him with his lover. Madhuri pulled out the gun she had hidden and shot at them. With this, and finding Madhuri’s blood in a shack on property Sanjay owned, Shobha is sure Sanjay is the killer/kidnapper. She convinces Avi to turn against his own father, make a statement to the police that he is gay and his father tried to kill him for it, and then threatened to kill Madhuri for defending him. Sanjay is arrested.

This is the end of Avi’s journey. He finally talks to his true love and they go on a date, then have their first kiss. And in the present day, he comes out as gay in the most public way possible. We also get a bit more backstory on Madhuri, it’s fairly clear that her mother sold her to a producer in order for her to get her first big break, she has never been in control of her life. And we get the AMAZING moment when she shoots a gun at her own husband in order to save her son. But is that really the end? In the final moments of the episode, cop Shobha recognizes something in one of Madhuri’s movies.

Pretty sure it’s from Gulab Gang

Episode 8

So much plot!!!!! We finally get the reveal of how it worked. Madhuri hired the out of work poster painter to help her, ran away from her house to go into hiding for the past few weeks. She was going to make her film a hit, punish her husband by getting him falsely arrested, and put their family back on a firm financial footing so she could start over with her children and her lover. And her inside assistant was….Amara! Her fragile daughter! It was a joint plan with a goal of getting Amara a great launch. Amara has been feeding info, putting on a role as a grieving daughter, and using Nutty Fan as her emotional support to get through the whole thing. But the unexpected twist is that unstable Manav kills himself and posts an unclear twitter message seemingly taking responsibility for killing Madhuri. Madhuri is legitimately devastated. And perhaps because she is so emotional, she shows too much of her hand to Amara, revealing she always planned to frame Anil (which Amara didn’t realize) and then ultimately make him appear innocent by setting up Nutty Fan instead. Amara is angry to learn how brutal her mother is and, learning by what she is doing, becomes equally brutal. She locks Madhuri back up and goes to the film premiere in her place, neatly stepping into her shoes.

I actually like this episode LEAST of all of them. It’s kind of all over the place, too much has to happen at once. Lots of good stuff for Amara and some good stuff for cop Shobha, but Sanjay’s turn around to being a good Dad and his children forgiving him is really rushed. And Manav’s downfall and death is rushed too, we don’t even get a reaction from his daughter after all that time spent building their relationship. I hope we get a second season, because there was just WAY too many dangling threads. Not “cliffhangers” like “will the cops catch on”, but more plot points the show just forgot to address. Like, what about Billy? Who Nutty Fan accidentally murdered?

Now, big picture, this is a really interesting ending! Having us see that the woman every underestimated as “just” an actress was actual in control all along. But I wish we had just a little more time to understand what was “real” and what was “false”. What I am getting is that Madhuri was a mixture of bitterness, selfishness, and pure ambition with real love. She really loved Avi and thought the best way to protect him was to get his father in jail. She really loved Manav and, until he abandoned her at the last minute, I think she was planning to make him part of her happy ending. She hated Sanjay, not enough to have him put in jail forever but enough to want to scare him and get him out of her life. She hated her mother, enough to want to scare her as well.

But it was her relationship to the maid Lata and her daughter Amara that I MOST wanted to know about. In both cases, it seems to be a mixture of love and using. She gave Amara good advice and comforted her when she was sad, but she also put her through torture in order to restart her own career. And the maid Lata, there was a line in an earlier episode when she got the gun from connections, asking when she would think about her own family instead of this family she works for. Oh, and Billy too. He is supposed to be a close family friend, like family, and she keeps him out of her circle of trust and doesn’t even seem upset when he is found dead.

What I loved about the show as showing Madhuri as a successful smart tough actress he also loved her kids and was afraid of her husband and abused by her mother. This balance of strength and weakness. That can still stay in place, she still loves and worries about Avi, and she still loves Manav, and she is still shook by learning her mother and husband have taken all her money. But ending the show on the note of “she faked her own kidnapping” makes the “real” parts of her less clear.

Same with Amara. That sense of feeling lost, hidden, sad, and so on, I think that was real. And Amara’s love for her brother too in the parts where we saw it. But the last two episodes were all about Amara falling for Nutty Fan and her own crazed ambition.

So, yeah, BOOOO! My favorite part of the show as how complex all the characters were, and to make the ending work in a nice tidy little bow, a lot of that complexity was shaved away. I am REALLY hoping there is a season 2 because I want that complexity back and a messier resolution than just “actresses are evil”.

6 thoughts on “Fame Game Last 2 Episodes! Spoilers and Whole Series Discussion

  1. Yea, I had to check that it ACTUALLY ended where it did. I really hope there is a season 2 because these characters are so interesting and I want more. Better to have this while waiting for the eternity that will be Made in Heaven season 2. I just hope Amara sees how nutty Nutty Fan is and dumps him or something. I was so sad Manav died. I kept hoping it was a cover-up or something, but I guess no.

    PS you once again wrote Anil instead of Sanjay there.

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    • If there is a season 2, I think I can guarantee that I will continue to mix up Sanjay and Anil.

      Also, I think we have to have a separate post for “how could we fix the ending?”

      On Sun, Feb 27, 2022 at 4:32 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. What was that ending! So abrupt, like they forgot half of the threads. My god, that Amara is evil, she essentially left her mother to die! Most of the things didn’t make sense to me. I had thought of the possibilities that either Sanjay and mother plotted to make her disappear or Madhuri did it herself, both for the same reason – the publicity would make the film a hit and solve the financial issues. But if she’d always planned to frame Sanjay, it’d make more sense to have Avi as the accomplice instead of Amara. He hates Sanjay, and would’ve willingly helped the police. I don’t know how Amara is still so loyal to Sanjay after witnessing what he does to Madhuri and Avi. The makers sacrificed plot and character for the sake of shock. The fan gets away with murder, he and Amara deserve each other. Manav’s death was so unnnecessary.

    It makes sense she would keep Billy out of her circle of trust after she found out what he did. They didn’t even show her reacting to his death news. I feel the show was building up to something and just crashed before everything could be resolved. Kind of a letdown really!


    • Yes! A letdown! I’m hoping that, in sync with how the rest of the season played out, everyone continues to be shades of grey. Amara, to my mind, is easily redeemable if there was one more episode to clarify things. Like, she just paid off to keep Madhuri locked up one more day so she could make a splash at the premiere. And she quickly regrets her actions and gets in over her head. It could be a story of a troubled young woman who doesn’t know herself and doesn’t feel loved. Instead of ending with this messy sort of in the moment of the crime ending.

      On Sun, Feb 27, 2022 at 6:42 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Wow, I hated the ending so much! I’m personally offended by it! It suckety sucked!

    We sort of saw flashes of this sort of ruthlessness in Madhuri’s character, like when she has Nutty Fan beaten up. However, the whole idea has been that Madhuri never wanted to be an actress and it was all her mom, right? So why is she telling her daughter to never let anyone get in the way of her ambition, like that’s what she did?

    It would have been much more interesting maybe for her to realize that she’s powerful and it’s made her a bit cruel, and even though she didn’t want to be an actress she likes the power and wants it to continue. And it would be an interesting juxtaposition with the sad Madhuri who is alone and even betrayed by Billy. I don’t know, maybe they’ll do that next season.

    Also didn’t want Manav to die–I think his character’s complexity was just coming out and we were seeing that he wasn’t a perfect foil to Sanjay. He was really mean and unreasonable to start a discussion with Madhuri about their relationship immediately before they went onstage, and then wander off to pout when it didn’t go his way. And it would have been so interesting to explore that more!

    I feel like all of a sudden the writers were told that it was going to be 8 episodes instead of 16 episodes, and also Manav didn’t want to be in season 2, and so they threw this whole mess together.

    I don’t know if I even want to watch season 2, but I probably will when I stop wanting to key the cars of all the writers.


    • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, join us in hating the ending!!!!! Maybe the writers were told they need to create cliffhanger to help get a season 2, while also some kind of resolution in case they didn’t? But it’s just DUMB. Maybe I can accept that Amara was working with her Mom all along, but that last minute twist making both of them so ambitious and calculated, that was DUMB.

      On Wed, Mar 9, 2022 at 4:14 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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