Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Watching and Reading and Thinking and Listening to on Shashi Week?

What does it say that DCIB is generally more excited about Shashi Week than Aamir Week? Is it that we are height obsessed, or just decent faithful good husband and father obsessed?

I’ll start!

Watching: I saw Radhe Shyam, as you know. And I saw the based on real story drama “The Investigation” from Sweden. It was really interesting in that it managed to tell the story without ever showing the murderer onscreen or saying his name. The victim was put front and center, and the police, and the murderer got none of the fame he desired from this series. Kind of makes me think all true crime dramas should be like this, forget the killer, look at the people who brought him to justice. Oh, and I watched Iris for my church film group and it is SUPER depressing.

Reading: My sister sent me an article saying the best thing to do for winter skin is to cake Vaseline all over your face before bed! Should I try this? Will you try this?

Thinking: I got new window shades! Look at the beauty!!!!

Listening: I am seeing Guru Randhawa live on Friday!

And Kanika Kapoor!

Question for you: What Guru Randhawa and/or Kanika Kapoor song should I listen to in order to prep for the concert?


32 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Watching and Reading and Thinking and Listening to on Shashi Week?

  1. You know it’s my opinion that no man should be tall except for Vincent Price and Christopher Lee, but Shashi is just superior. To everyone.

    Who knows what I’m watching! I don’t! Govinda did an advert with Karisma and wore a red plush dressing gown, that’s all I’m remembering from the past week.

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  2. Listening: Hum Rang Hain from Badhaai Do has been on replay for days. It is so beautiful and I like that in the soundtrack they have a male and female version of certain songs.

    Kanika Kapoor song you should listen…definitely Lovely from Happy New Year

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    • And about the crime drama, you watched. Yea, that kind of non-sensationalism is the norm here in Scandinavia/Nordics when it comes to things like that. It is considered VERY bad form to even mention the name of the criminal or to have their identity be plastered all over the papers. In a way, it is to make sure that the criminal does not get fame, to lessen panic and just to make sure I guess the police do their investigating in peace.

      I am sure there are exceptions, especially if it comes to famous cases where there isn’t as much control that can be applied to what is being published. But those are few and far between.


      • This documentary is about the Submarine case? Which I had never heard of, but I assume was a big deal through out Scandanavia? The murderer sounds like a real POS who loved publicity and self-promotion long before this. So I really REALLY appreciated a whole internationally released TV show that didn’t even mention him.

        On Wed, Mar 16, 2022 at 9:48 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  3. Oh yes, all crime dramas should be like this. Only this morning I was reading about some woman who shot another woman (in the 90′) and, before her arrest, was creating scandals, just because she wanted her name in the newspapers so she can earn some money. She also wrote a bestseller book in the jail, and later was in reality shows and stuff. There were also movies about her. It’s so wrong. Not only she almost killed a person, but made a lot of money thanks to that. Can a person understand what she did wrong and change behaviour if she is offered money and fame for what she did?


    • And the flipside, this show really focused on how hard the cops worked and how hard everyone involved tried. If more shows focused on how great it is when the police go above and beyond to build a solid case, maybe cops would be inspired to work harder? It wasn’t a “who done it” it was a “we know who done it, but we need to do everything we can to get good evidence so he will be convicted”.

      On Wed, Mar 16, 2022 at 9:39 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I still can’t read with my concussion – or at least I can’t read small print. I can now skim your posts but can’t get sicky headaches when I try to read the comments. But I’ve been listening up a storm. I listened to Lady Susan. I listened to Craig Child’s House of Rain. I’m listening to The Dispatcher by John Scalzi – free on Audible and short. I could not find Just Jenifer to listen to. Nor could I find any of the books I actually wanted to read, except for Cloud Cuckoo Land, but then that was too intense and I had to stop.

    The family has watched Back to the Future and Back to the Future 2. When I stand super far away from the screen I can watch it with them, but I have to close my eyes for the chase scenes.

    I miss SRK. As my eyes get better I’ve been searching for podcasts where I can hear his voice. I put on DDLJ yesterday. I don’t know if I’ll be able to comment (in truth my eyes are closed as I type this), but I look forward to trying to watch Sashi on Friday. Because I tore my calf muscle I can’t drive so that means I don’t leave the house – thus for the first time I really can see any movie at any time.


    • Ooo oo! I have so many podcast recs! Or, the basic recommendation, check your library apps and you can probably listen to BBC Agatha Christie plays. So soothing, so nice.

      Also, there is an app called “Old Time Radio” where you can listen to all the classic old radio shows.


    • I was so sad to hear you were suffering from a concussion, Genevieve ) : I had an initially undiagnosed one about six years ago that still decides to screw with me from time to time. Good wishes for healing ❤


  5. After all those American movies I watched in the last weeks I missed Indian stuff badly so out of desperation I watched Tera Intezaar (Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone supernatural romantic drama) . It was deliciously bad and a textbook example of So Bad It’s Good. Nothing makes sense, the actors and the dialogues are terrible and there is a love song every 5 minutes. But still I couldn’t stop watching.
    Tera Intezaar brought me luck because right after I watched a random movie that I loved – malayalam Super Sharanya. It’s about a girl name Sharanya who starts college and must deal with her roomates, suitors she doesn’t want (one of them is a wannabe Arjun Reddy, he was hilarious and it was great to see this kind of character through girl’s eyes). In the meantime she falls in love with super cute Arjun Ashokan who has young Nivin’s vibes If you need a feel-good and cute malayalam movie with realistic female friendship and sweet guy to fall in love with, I recommend this one.

    And then I also found what looked like the most perfect Angie movie ever: A love story between a cuddly and shy chanda (drum) player and classical dancer (with Vineeth in minor role!) .I was so excited when I read about this film and found it on eintusan. Unfortunately it’s perfect only on the paper. I have been watching it for days and have seen only 1 hour so far. Still 90 minutes to go.


  6. I was super excited about Aamir week but stupid life, work, and child seem to get in the way. Also, you were super busy so watchalongs understandably ended up being defaulted to random Aamir movies that are probably not crowd favorites. Even outside of Hum Hai Rahi, I am sure there were some Aamir favorites from the 90s that could drum up more excitement and teenage nostalgia. Oh well.

    Anyways, Baby Doll is the best song to listen to to get into the mood. Also, Baby SRK seems to enjoy it a lot. Not sure what that says about him.

    My husband and I watched Badhaai Do and I cant wait to discuss it with the group. I also started rewatching watching Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani for some reason and my husband thinks, so far, Deepaka deserves better and does not seem to understand the appeal of Ranbir (and I did not sway him one way or the other). I am curious to see his reaction as the movie continues.

    I have been on a Julia Quinn kick in anticipation of the new season of Bridgerton and reading Ten Thing I Love About You. Have you read it?

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  7. I’ve been on a Suriya binge lately since I saw his new movie Etharkkum Thunindhavan in the theaters and enjoyed it.

    I also saw Radhe Shyam and had fun even though I didn’t really like the movie.

    Also I heard this song for the first time recently and have been obsessed with it!


  8. Have you read Betty Neels? She was a British author who wrote a heap of “medical romances” revolving around Cinderallish, plain Jane Nurse heroines and older, Rich Dutch/British Doctor heroes. The action is typically split between England and The Netherlands and there is always a dog/cat or two involved.

    I just discovered her and I think I’m in love! As someone who finds most contemporary fiction too dark and depressing to contemplate, I found the warmer, kinder worlds Neels created and the sweet, old-fashioned tales she told deeply reassuring and unexpectedly moving.


      • Ooh! That site is a treasure! Thank you. Any fave recs? I’ve just started and have like 130 books to go through so help picking what to read next is appreciated. 🙂


        • Honestly I’m not very good at remembering specifics about books, but I have never regretted reading any of them! And it’s definitely true that in the first chapter or two you pretty much know how each one is going to go. So I’d just dive in to whichever one you can get easily and take it from there


  9. You forgot the sexy factor re Aamir vs Shashi, or is that just me?

    The window shades are pretty!

    For Kanika Kapoor, Da Da Dasse-

    Both Guru and Kanika, Ambarsariya/Suit Suit-


  10. Kanika Kapoor had done wonderful songs and I like her voice…so I wish you that the concert/show will be a treat for you 🙂
    I tried two Betty Neels novels but then stumbled over Michael Crichton with his kind of writing about the world in hospitals (I think, Emergency room was also something he had his hand in).
    As I’m highly interested in medical things, judicial things, psychological things, my reading (and library) comprises authors like Michael Connelly (Detective Hironymous Bosch and Lincoln lawyer Michael Haller), John Grisham, Scott Turow, Jonathan Kellerman (Dr. Alex Delaware and Detective Milo Sturges), Michael Robotham (Dr, Joseph O’Loughlin and DI Vincent Ruiz), Minette Walters, Elizabeth George (Lynley and Havers), Donna Leon (Venice and Comissarion Guido Brunetti) and Val McDermid (Dr. Tony Hill and DI Carol Jordan). There are many others (especially Scandinavian ones) I read but don’t collect and I listen to audio books whenever I have to do chores. I still have my mom’s crime collection of Agatha Christie, Arthur W. Upfield, Rex Stout, Elizabeth Ferrars, Niago Marsh, J.H. Chase and Patricia Highsmith.
    Thinking that ShahRukh’s tweet rightly made me think of his Disney+/Hotstar ads than an App he would announce (would there even be a need for this??). And – contrary to some fan-clubs – I appreciate the leaked pics of the shooting in Spain…gosh! he really kept himself in shape!
    Watching…almost nothing relative to TV or Cinema (last movie was Badhai Do which I liked very much in terms of subject and performances).


  11. My impression is that SRK fans in general often like Shashi too. Don’t know why. But if you wanted to be a fan of one of the other Khans, you would be. That’s always sold as more of an either/or, and there seems to be something to that.


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