Baby Post! Can We Come Up With Morning Dance Party Songs For Every Day of the Week? Also, Can You Help Me Solve a Dog/Baby Mystery?

Saira, Filmikudhi, and Eva all got new babies this year! So exciting. And of course, I still have Albie Dog, who has many similarities with babies. Anyway, post for all the baby people out there.

I know Filmikudhi does a Baby Dance Party every morning, and I suspect that she is not alone in this? So, let’s come up with good baby dance party songs for every day of the week!

Starting with the easy one, “Saturday Saturday”

And I already found Sunday too!

Now, can we crowdsource all the other days? And yes, I will allow English language if necessary, but it has to be bouncy and happy and baby dance party friendly.

And next question, which only dog owners and baby owners will care about, if Albie Dog lost his appetite because of the rainy weather and time change and therefore was barely eating for a couple of days, how as he still pooping normally? WHERE IS THE POOP COMING FROM??? How can you not eat, and yet STILL POOP THE SAME AMOUNT?

Any of our more experienced parents have an answer? Does the poop fairly magically visit and place it directly in the gut without entry through the mouth?


28 thoughts on “Baby Post! Can We Come Up With Morning Dance Party Songs For Every Day of the Week? Also, Can You Help Me Solve a Dog/Baby Mystery?

    • OMG! I had never heard of this singer, but upon looking her up, she turns out to be the same person who sang “Helwa Ya Baladi”!

      You cannot get through an Egyptian-American holiday/function without this song getting blasted at some point : D

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      • Yea she is! I love her arabic songs. Salma ya Salama being my absolute favourite. I adore her and she has sung in so many languages (German, Italian, French, Egyptian Arabic, Spanish, Japanese ect.). I highly recommend listening to her. She has such great hits through the years!


          • How lovely! That song is sucha bop! I just love listening to Arabic songs, mostly Levantine Arabic (Lebanese and Palestinian singers – Hiba Tawaji, Lina Sleibi and Talia Lahoud). I love how the words flow and the poetry is so beautiful! If you haven’t listened to them then at least give them a try.


          • Oh, thank you! I know mostly the classic Egyptian singers. Modern mashriqi stuff tends to be more to my taste than the maghrebi styles that are easier to dig up on the internet. Here is one of our piyyutim/holiday songs we were singing yesterday, if you are interested:

            I spent all day Wednesday making and frying “wedan haman” cookies for the neighbors ( :

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      • I still have my old Dalida Album as a record. I like her voice (and the songs) very much! Btw, it’s here through you that I got to know Hiba Tawaji of whom I have now a small collection of (downloaded) songs.


  1. First, I’m so proud of you for ordering White Castle at 1 am! I strangely LOVE White Castle. There isn’t one near me so whenever my brother in law goes to his parents house, he bring me back some delicious sliders! I’m the meantime, I always keep some frozen WC burgers in my freezer for a WC emergency (my husband’s term for my strange WC obsession)!

    Second, I’m so glad Baby SRK’s video dancing to Saturday Saturday from this morning inspired this post. It may also be a coincidence, but Baby SRK is conceited and excited to be your muse for this post.

    Lastly, a classic for Monday in our house is Just Another Manic Monday by the Bangles

    Also, thank you everyone who posted the songs. I’m adding these to the playlist.


    • Yes, we are going to get Baby SRK able to recognize and say all the days of the weeks before he is 1. He will be the smartest baby EVER!

      On Sat, Mar 19, 2022 at 5:21 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Here’s an 80s Spanish option for Tuesday, by Joaquín Sabina:

    It has a lyric in the first chorus that says “it was a night like any other, who knows? maybe it was Tuesday”

    And of course, for Friday:

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