For Ramadan! Pathani Suit Brackets!

Every Ramadan, I get a burst of activity on my “Pathani suits” post. I don’t know if it’s because people are looking for fashion ideas, or if there is some annual tradition for people of visiting DCIB to drool over celebrities in Pathani suits while waiting for Iftar. Anyway, this seems like another fun bracket thing for us to do! Also, since I’ve gotten scolded before for fashion posts, I am aware that some of my picks may not fit the full definition of “Pathani” because it’s kind of hard to pin that down. But this is as close as I can come!

Bracket 1

Shahid Kapoor

Saif Ali Khan

Bracket 2

Salman Khan 1

Imraan Khan

Bracket 3

Salman Khan 2

Aamir Khan 1

Bracket 4

Aamir Khan 2

Ranveer Singh

Bracket 5

Arjun Kapoor

Ajay Devgan

Bracket 6

Shahrukh Khan 1

Sid M

Bracket 7

Anil Kapoor

Shahrukh Khan 2

Bracket 8

Shahrukh Khan 3

Fawad Khan


16 thoughts on “For Ramadan! Pathani Suit Brackets!

  1. 1. A (Shahid)
    2. A (Salman1)
    3. B (Aamir, because Salman looks like a giant baby in this red outfit)
    4. B (Ranver. Aamir’s suit is also nice but “see through” shirt >>>>>> “not see throught” shirt)
    5. B (Strangely Ajay)
    6. A (SRK1)
    7. A (Anil)
    8. B (Fawad)


      • 1 B
        2 B (Imraan is such a cutie!)
        3 B
        4 B (I love that Ranveer just goes all in)
        5 B (clearly in into this all Black suits)
        6 B (this was really hard! They both look good)
        7 A (oh Anil!)
        8 B!!!! (HOLY SMOKES! He has got to win with the picture, right?! Oh well, we shall see.)


  2. 1) Shahid Kapoor
    2) Imraan Khan
    3) Aamir Khan 1
    4) Ranveer Singh
    5) Arjun Kapoor – on account of those really nice jandals
    6) Shahrukh Khan 1 – adorableness 😍
    7) Shahrukh Khan 2
    8) Shahrukh Khan 3


    • Did you notice no one else loved SRK as much as you? Everyone else voted against him!

      On Wed, Apr 13, 2022 at 6:36 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I am a loyal rabid fan 😄
        But how could anyone vote against that transparent-striped one?! So prettyyy 😍 And the swaggering one with the buttons undone? *drools*


  3. 1) Shahid
    2) Imraan (I’ll almost always vote against Imraan, but Salman’s pants make him look like he’s walking around on little half legs)
    3) Aamir
    4) Ranveer
    5) Arjun
    6) SRK
    7) SRK
    8) this was the hardest one, but Fawad


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