In Honor of the Alia-Ranbir Wedding Festivities, Reposted Ranbir Posts!

This is a happy place, and a generally nice place, so obviously we all wish Ranbir well as a human person on earth, we want him to successfully defeat whatever internal demons he has, we want him to be at peace, and we aren’t going to troll him or stalk him or torment him on social media or any of that. But, I think we are allowed to say bad things about his acting, his films, and the way he presents himself to the world, right? That doesn’t make us bad people?

Ranbir Kapoor! For myself, I dislike his public personal persona because I feel like he isn’t being a good partner. Ranbir’s “I don’t talk about it mostly” stand on his personal life, combined with no attempt to hide the relationships from the papparazzi, has left his less-famous romantic partners in an uncomfortable position. Especially in a culture where a woman is blamed for any pre-marital relationships while a man is praised.

I dislike his public professional persona because I feel like he took the tag of “real actor” which the press gave him and ran with it, and he doesn’t deserve it. When he is consistently listed as “best actor of his generation”, he accepts the praise with a calm smile, instead of saying “I don’t know why people say that about me, I think that —— and —— and —– are much better”. I’m not saying he has to believe that, just I would appreciate if as a professional, he modeled humble behavior to the world.

Ranbir Kapoor Quotes & Sayings (40 Quotations)

And I dislike his films because I feel like that public professional personal of “real actor” ends up poisoning almost all of them. Rockstar and Tamasha are maybe the worst, but Sanju could have been better if there was more effort put into the script and less faith in Ranbir’s abilities as a mimic.

Rockstar is a musical journey: Ranbir Kapoor - bollywood - Hindustan Times

Ultimately I guess it is just the complete egoism that bothers me? In his personal life, looking at how it is easiest for him to deal with the press without considering his partner. In his public persona, enjoying the praise given to himself without considering others. And in his films, taking all the energy for himself and his performance instead of being generous to his co-stars.

Okay, now your turn!

Or, I guess, you can say why you like him. I am open-minded.

(PS my sister says I need to add a bad Yom Kippur pun. Here is the best I can think of: “what’s the only Kapoor that will admit they were wrong and ask for forgiveness?” “Yom Kapoor”)

(PPS obviously the joke doesn’t really work because Shashi will also ask for forgiveness. But only him!)


22 thoughts on “In Honor of the Alia-Ranbir Wedding Festivities, Reposted Ranbir Posts!

  1. The wedding is tomorrow and they had the Haldi and mehendi today. I don’t care much for the couple but I really want to see alias wedding dress so that’s why I’m excited.


  2. “…we are allowed to say bad things about his acting, his films…”etc. Nothing you said is bad. It’s true.

    And, “drawing on” and “tapping into” (they mean the same thing) emotions has nothing to do with intelligence.

    As you see, I’m not a fan of either the man or the actor. And I’m kind of souring on Alia, too, which makes me angry.


    • I have a very stupid question, but after reading about all those diamonds and pearls I started wondering how much this jewellery costs. And bride’s jewellery is her property, right?


      • It’s often used as backdoor dowry.. So the bride’s family gives her the jewelry to bring with her into the marriage. And then it’s either her gift from her family to hold on to for emergencies and use as she wishes, or it gets handed over to the mother-in-law as part of the general family wealth.

        In Alia’s case, either her family emptied all their money into gifting her this jewelry, or she emptied her bank account. They aren’t that rich. And I am fairly sure Neetu is going to say “welp, this is Kapoor property now, it goes off to the family bank vault”.

        On Thu, Apr 14, 2022 at 3:12 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Is it possible that the jewellery is borrowed, like the jewels actresses borrow for the Oscars? Or would it be considered cheap to not have your own gold on your wedding?


          • I think it would be considered super super tacky. However, borrowing from family maybe would be different? Like, “this is my aunt’s necklace, this bracelet was loaned from my cousin”, like that. But pretty sure it’s just old school to spend as much on your wedding jewelry as you would previously on a dowry. so, A LOT.

            On Thu, Apr 14, 2022 at 3:39 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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