Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening To on Star Wars Day???

Happy Wednesday!!!! And Happy Star Wars Day!!!! Is it still cool to celebrate Star Wars day? Or has it swung back around to being lame again?

I’ll start!

Reading: I need to start reading all the Anne books again!!!! Because my mother and I are FINALLY doing the Prince Edward Island trip that I promised her for her 70th birthday in 2020. Should I start reading now so I will be done by July when we are traveling? Or should I save them up for the 7 hours of travel?

Watching: I saw Heropanti 2 last night. Which was…..a movie. I will review it later today. And my trainee co-worker is coming over again today so I will need more things to show them. Or not, since it looks like it will be a super crazy busy day at work so we may just be doing Actual Work all day.

Thinking: I finally planted clover seeds in my front yard yesterday (shipping was delayed so I didn’t get the actual seeds until yesterday) and now I am going to obsess over them. They haven’t sprouted yet! I was up at 7am to check, and NOTHING!!!

Listening: The Heropanti 2 songs are going to drive me crazy! They are Rahman, and at least two of them, I am SURE, are just a hair off from his previous hits. No shame on Rahman, I wouldn’t break a sweat on the soundtrack for Heropanti 2 either, but it’s going to bother me until I can figure out what the other song(s) is that this sounds like. Ideas?

Question: Is it lame to celebrate Star Wars Day? What do your children say? I want 10 year old boys to think I’m cool.

48 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening To on Star Wars Day???

    • I saw the first announcement and was so sad. I am so glad it was a giant prank since Kat and Vicky are supposed to be on this season and I am SO SO excited to see them together! I wonder if the theme this season will be married couples. I can’t remember which season it was but one of the seasons the theme was largely siblings and that was fun.

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  1. Oh man, I’m so excited about Heropanti.

    The remastered Songs for Drella concert came out so I’ve been watching and rewatching that. It’s beautiful and perfect, I could rewatch it forever but sadly my MUBI trial is only a week.

    Also, the new season of Inside Number 9 has been REALLY great. They did a fabulous Wicker Man tribute.


  2. I have SO many questions re: your Prince Edward Island trip!!! When are you going there? What are the plans once you get there? Are you planning on eating lots of oysters? How did you end up choosing Prince Edward Island? That’s all for now, but I reserve the right to ask more in the future.

    Okay, so I ended up being very sick on Sunday night so I ended up binging on the Queen’s Gambit and it was so so so good! Since the main character has a substance use disorder, I had been avoiding it. But they handled it so well without making the character unlikable. Also, the show had lots of mesmerizing and soothing piano music like Satie, which was surprisingly helpful to snooze too. And a HIGHLY satisfying ending! Seriously one of those endings that makes you want to watch the last episode over and over again.


    • I loved the ending so much! Like, you expect it to be about how chess separates her from other people, but instead it gives her a community and a home. Extremely satisfying.

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      • Yes, that part was so good! I love how they bring everything full circle. The part where she insists Time magazine give Mr. Shaibel credit for teaching her chess; her friend Jolene giving her money to go to Russia; being able to see the chess moves without the use of substances; rejecting what the government or the religious groups want her to say; finding a healthy, platonic relationship with Townes. It is just so well thought out. Also, the costumes! I wanted all of her outfits! Especially the white coat and hat in the last scene.


        • The only thing I missed at the ending was another reference to her mother. Which probably wasn’t necessary at that point, I mean, she had already sacrificed almost everything to keep their house and all of that, we know how much she meant to her. But I still missed it. I loved their relationship.


          • I can see that. I loved how she was wearing her mother’s robe/coat when she welcomed the lawyer and the “dad” and bought the house from him. It was such an amazing scene!


    • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Queen’s Gambit!!!! I spent the first 3 episodes waiting for the fall, for something bad to happen, and then I relaxed and realized that wasn’t the pattern of the show.

      PEI is because of Anne of Green Gables, of course. My Mom loved the books as a little girl and then read them aloud to me and I loved them too. So I want to go with my Mom and see all the Anne places!


  3. Echoing filmikudhi, I’m sooo excited about your PE island trip! Always wanted to go and when we were in Canada for a few years, that was the one trip I looked forward to making. Ah Anne of Avonlea, how you coloured my childhood. We need minute details of your trip… Pleaaaseeee! And look forward to your thoughts combining a recent read of the books x the place.

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    • I’m thinking of doing a whole DCIB book club reread together! Or at least, re-discussion, if you know the books well enough that you don’t have to reread them!


  4. I haven’t seen Heropanti 2 but after having listened to the songs and watched the videos I have a feeling Rahman didn’t wrote the music purposely for this movie. He just gave Ahmed Khan some random rejected songs he wrote earlier for other films. It would also explain why Miss Hariyan reminds you of some other song, it’s because they are twins separated before release 😉


  5. My apologies for unexpectedly missing watchalong. We got some bad news that morning–my girlfriend’s grandfather just got a cancer diagnosis and is going into end-of-life care next week. (She’s been live-in care for her grandparents almost as long as I’ve known her.) I’m leaving to be with them tomorrow, so the week thus far has been spent running around rearranging work schedules and packing and trying to get somebody here to take care of my garden. Needless to say, I had to cancel my “Runway 34” tickets.


  6. I needed some serious pick me up today so I thought I’d share what I was looking at.

    1. Fawad is working with some phone company. No one cares. But what I adored was that he put Mahira’s photo before his on Instagram. He makes me happy!

    2. Also, Fawad in salwar AND a shawl! Yum!

    3. And finally, I went on Hrithik’s Instagram and remembered your discussion question regarding this photo.

    Here is what I think. I really appreciate that he is some what embracing his grey hair and taking on more age appropriate but hero roles at this age. I think it’s a very clever move. Instead of continuing to play a 20/30 something hero like the Khans and Akshay Kumar well past their prime, he is starting to get people used to seeing him as a hot older guy! For women my age, this is glorious!!! So what I have to say to Hrithik is “Embrace your age; give us the age appreciate fantasy! I’m here for it!!!” This actually make be quite happy!


  7. PEI is a place I’ve always wanted to go, and an FB friend of mine posted really nice pictures of it just yesterday. I hope it’s a great visit.

    I saw Dasvi yesterday and it was so fun and entertaining. It had one of my favorite things, which is an imaginative interpretation of how people teach and learn. (In this case, all of the subjects are filtered through politics, but this is filmed very entertainingly). Also, Nimrat gets to stop being sadly beautiful and here is, very slightly and in a good way, evil. I had the same problem with the music that you did with the Heropanti songs though–the songs sound like other songs but I can’t put my finger on the other songs!


    • I hope it’s good too! I went with my sister years ago and it was wonderful and I’ve been wanting to come back with my Mom because she is the one who introduced me to Montgomery.


    • Yes! Dasvi was just so charming! I loved Nimrat in it. I was worried about how that was going to end, and it ended so pleasantly.



    (guess what I am watching at work right now?)


  9. I’m so excited I must share. There was a punjabi movie I was kept my eye on for months. It was postponed few times because of covid, and finally released on my birthday last month. I was happy it was out and hoped it will make it to eintusan somehow, even if my hopes were low because 99% of punjabi films don’t make it. But now I checked Prime and it’s there! I’m so happy! I don’t know if the movie is good but for sure it has a lot of ingredients/tags I want in a movie: traditional/serious guy falls for modern girl (and he is libranian!), Wamiqa Gabbi, guys with sexy mustache, very well dress punjabis


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