Sunday WatchAlong: I Had Fun Last Week! Let’s Do Sunday Again! Tell Me a Movie to Watch!

Usually I suggest the movie, but last week it was such a kick to watch a film that was new to me, I want to do that again. And there are sooooooooooooooooo many movies y’all have been talking about that I haven’t seen.

Tell me a movie! Happy, silly, cheerful, good to talk over. Oh My Dog last week was really not very good, but simultaneously a VERY GOOD watchalong movie. So, what have you watched lately that was fun and light and happy?

If I absolutely MUST suggest something, the only one I can think of that might fit the bill is Tiger’s Baaghi. Watching Heropanti really reminded me how solid and entertaining it is.


5 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: I Had Fun Last Week! Let’s Do Sunday Again! Tell Me a Movie to Watch!

  1. Yay! You know the one I always suggest, Chori Chori! One of my absolute favorite Rani movies. It’s happy, it’s sweet, it’s comforting!


    • I’m honestly kind of leaning towards it! It’s available, I haven’t seen it, and you missed your birthday pick.


      • Yes, yes, yes! It’s funny, colorful, silly, there are nice clothes, and enjoyable music. Also one thing is sure – it’s better than Oh My Dog 😉

        If you haven’t read the plot, please don’t read it. There is a little twist and it’s always better to be surprised.


  2. Ala Vaikumtha whatever, that Allu Arjun thing that was super big? I feel like I missed a lot the first time I watched it and didn’t fully understand the hype so it would be fun to watch with people who get it. I can’t make this Sunday though, because Mother’s Day. I probably can’t make watchalongs for a few weeks because my mom and I are trying to plow through our insane backlog of This is Us episodes before the finale.


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