DCIB Book Club: All the Anne Books!!!! Week By Week!!!!

I have a Grand Plan!!! I am excited! And I hope at least some of you will join me on my journey. Or part of my journey. Anyway, before I go to Prince Edward Island with my Mom in July, I have to re-read all the Anne books. And I thought “why not use the blog to inspire me?”

Okay, here’s the suggested schedule! Don’t worry, each book is a super pleasant quick read, maybe 4 hours at most. And I am guessing some of you have already read them to infinity. And own your own beloved copies. Also, the copyright has expired so you can get them for free on kindle, or for almost nothing from most stores. And thus, I give you only a week for each book!!!!!

May 15: Anne of Green Gables Discussion

May 22: Anne of Avonlea Discussion

May 29: Anne of the Island Discussion

June 5: Anne of Windy Poplars Discussion

June 12: Anne’s House of Dreams Discussion

June 19: Anne of Ingleside Discussion

June 26: Rainbow Valley

July 3: Rilla of Ingleside

Now, for my Anne-Fans, we obviously have to deal with the controversy of what is included in the Canon.

Windy Poplars and Ingleside were written later, out of order, and are distinctly less-good than the rest. But on the other hand, they do slot in and fill gaps in the Anne-Story. So should they be included?

Rainbow Valley and Rilla are far more about Anne’s children than Anne herself, but they were Montgomery’s intended conclusions to the saga. And Rilla in particular is just a remarkable book in isolation.

So, Do we include Windy Poplars and Ingleside?

Do we include Rainbow Valley and Rilla?


9 thoughts on “DCIB Book Club: All the Anne Books!!!! Week By Week!!!!

  1. Rilla, yes! Rainbow Valley I haven’t read over once so I can’t recall much of it.

    I didn’t know windy poplars and ingleside were written out of order! That’s so interesting! Thanks for sharing. There definitely a tonal difference, specially with wndy poplars and it makes sense now. I don’t mind keeping them on though.

    Thanks for the book club discussion!! At one point I knew some of the books word for word, so it’s going to be such a treat to go back on that journey with you and everyone here!


    • Yes! I have at least fellow traveler on this journey!!!! I’m excited too, the books are so pleasant and soothing and somehow spring-y. I guess they just have a lot of scenes set in the spring!


        • Oh good, you have the Real copies πŸ™‚ We must be about the same age, I think the standard editions change images about every 15 years. But when I was a girl, that’s what all the books looked like. And they were paperback so I could carry them everywhere.


          • Aha, high five on owning the Right Ones! And yeah Exactly, they are all paperback and fit into bags easily so I could carry them on trips for rereads.


  2. Yay! This is so exciting! I’m down with covid though and apparently Anne books aren’t the sorts of books I want to read then maybe because they give me a lot of feelings. But I shall try!


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