Silly Sunday: Hindi LM Montgomery, Shahrukh as a Dashing Mature Man Romancing Shy Old Maid Tabu

Okay, prepare yourself for a very very deep cut.  This is my absolute favorite LM Montgomery short story.  So, not an “Anne” book, and not one of her other lessor series either.  And not even from the first short story collection Chronicles of Avonlea, but aaaaallllll the way in Further Chronicles of Avonlea.  But it’s SO GOOD!!!! How can I resist I remake?  And it is just crying out for Shahrukh.

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Silly Sunday: Malayalam LM Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables with Nivin Pauly

I’m doing it!  A totally ridiculous extremely specific post for those people who live within the Venn diagram overlap of “Familiar with Malayalam Films” and also “Familiar with the Anne of Green Gables Series”.  So, Angie.  You better appreciate this Angie!

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