Sunday WatchAlong: May 15th! 11am Chicago Time!!! MADHURI’S BIRTHDAY!!! What Should We Watch?

MADHURI’S BIRTHDAY!!!! We have to watch something, and it has to have Madhuri. What are your votes?

There are just too many good choices!!!

Hum Aapke Hain Koun

Aaja Nachle

Tezaab, old school

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani


You pick!

11 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: May 15th! 11am Chicago Time!!! MADHURI’S BIRTHDAY!!! What Should We Watch?

  1. Is she in anything else absolutely crazy like that Robin Hood movie with Anil? Because that was fun. I don’t actually know if I can attend – It’s our first possible family day out of quarantine so staying inside may not be in the cards. But if someone is still sick….


      • In my opinion Koyla is even more crazy with Amrish Puri’s impotency plot 😀 Also Rajkummar reminds a lot fantasy movies we all know from our childhood, while Koyla is just crazy crazy.


        • Shoot! Now I am torn! But I think still Tezaab for availability. However! Remind me of Koyla for next week, no reason we can’t celebrate Madhuri twice.


  2. Old school!!!!! Tezaab or Ram Lakhan. I have a slight preference forward Ram Lakhan because it has the added benefit of Jackie and Dimple!!!

    I also think both will work for Genevieve’s request of a crazy movie with Anil and Madhuri.


  3. Have you all seen Madhuri’s debut movie Abodh? I haven’t and it’s on eintusan with subs, but I’m afraid the plot can be regressive, so maybe it’s not the best choice.
    There is also Sajan. I watched it only once , more then 10 years ago, and remember nothing.
    Tezaab – never watched, is it fun?


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