British Brackets Winner: Alan Rickman!!!!! Let Us Celebrate Alan by Sharing Our Favorite Alan Performances

Happy Friday! It’s been kind of a slow week, I suspect Genevieve has either been hit by COVID part 2 like I was, or hit by “my kids are suddenly healthy and driving me crazy”. Shelomit is doing her sad stuff, Filmikudhi is dressing her baby up in a series of increasingly elaborate outfits (thank you for photos!), it’s just Saira and me sitting here and talking about Anne. I’m considering not even doing a Sunday WatchAlong this week, taking a week off instead and mowing my lawn. Anyway, perfect time to have a pleasant Alan Rickman conversation!

Alan Rickman! Just a really high quality dude. Stage actor trained by the Royal Academy in England, then went on to lots of stage work. Was raised by a widowed single Mom in poverty, met and fell in love with his one-and-only at age 19, never had children, and married his girlfriend privately in 2015 after 50 years together. She was an economics lecturer and a local politician. He worked a little in BBC television but his first full fledged film role wasn’t until 1988, when he was 42, the villain in Die Hard. Just a very private person who was highly respected and beloved by his friends and colleagues. And, of course, absolutely AMAZING as an actor! Which means I am excited to learn what y’all favorite Alan Rickman roles are.

My favorite Alan Rickman performance! And a movie you should all see because it’s a really interesting romance, Truly Madly Deeply (1991). It’s a character study of the heroine, Juliet Stevenson, who is trapped in deep grief after the sudden death of her boyfriend, Alan Rickman. And then one day, without a real explanation, Alan Rickman shows up again in her apartment, real to her but still saying he is dead. What makes the movie FASCINATING is that it is just about grief and moving on. At first she loses herself in this strange netherworld with her returned boyfriend Alan, but slowly she starts to feel more disconnected from the rest of her life, to consider starting a relationship with another very nice man, and then Alan just fades away. His performance in this is delightful because he feels like a real person, not a perfect saintly ghost, but a quirky flawed human. Again, it’s about grief, the way you miss everything good and bad about the dead person, but eventually you need more than being trapped in memories.


15 thoughts on “British Brackets Winner: Alan Rickman!!!!! Let Us Celebrate Alan by Sharing Our Favorite Alan Performances

  1. Sense and Sensibility, of course! As an Austen lover, I cannot think of another performance (tho I haven’t watched much of him and would much rather have had Maggie Smith or Emma Thompson win this :D, but oh well!!). “Give me an occupation Miss Dashwood, or I shall run mad”, great scene! And great acting overall in that movie with all his little touches.

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  2. He totally saved this hot mess. I was so enamored of his performance that I suffered through 5 theater showings of the movie. His sheriff was “mad, bad and dangerous to know,” but oh, so sexy.


  3. new pc…and finally back on track 🙂
    Happy that Alan got the first place. Loved watching this excellent actor in many movies right from Die Hard. Agree with the three choices but will choose Snow Cake because of the story and the character he endorsed…a very special movie to me.


  4. I got better (Wednesdayish) but spouse did NOT. So he got the computer all week long! He missed TWO WHOLE WEEKS of work. This has never happened before. He is okay, but still doesn’t feel good. And once I got better I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get the groceries and kids to sports and band concerts and everything else while spouse is still sick. Thus no comments. Until today when I stole the computer and commented on almost every post you’ve written all week.

    I kinda want to see the movie you mentioned EXCEPT I don’t feel like being bummed.


  5. I think I’m actually gonna vote Galaxy Quest. Just because that movie is such great silly fun. But also because the role perfectly uses Alan’s image while showing his sense of humor.

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  6. I love the showy camp of his Robin Hood performance, as well as the interior subtlety of his Love Actually performance. I miss Alan Rickman, gone too soon!


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