British Brackets Winner: Alan Rickman!!!!! Let Us Celebrate Alan by Sharing Our Favorite Alan Performances

Happy Friday! It’s been kind of a slow week, I suspect Genevieve has either been hit by COVID part 2 like I was, or hit by “my kids are suddenly healthy and driving me crazy”. Shelomit is doing her sad stuff, Filmikudhi is dressing her baby up in a series of increasingly elaborate outfits (thank you for photos!), it’s just Saira and me sitting here and talking about Anne. I’m considering not even doing a Sunday WatchAlong this week, taking a week off instead and mowing my lawn. Anyway, perfect time to have a pleasant Alan Rickman conversation!

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Admit Your Dirty Secrets Here, So We Can Judge You

I think all communities have standards, right? And certainly DCIB has standards as well. So here is the place where you can admit the things you secretly feel/believe that you KNOW I will not approve of. Just because…I don’t know, I’m in a bad mood today? I wanna see if I can restrain myself from biting your head off?

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Alan Rickman: The Linchpin Between Different Cinematic Worlds

Alan Rickman is dead!  I am very upset.  Not personally and emotionally, like I will be if Anil Kapoor or Jackie Shroff or Anupum Kehr dies.  Or like I was, when Amrish Puri dead (I was in college, and the news spread through the dorms like wildfire).  But as a film watcher, I am upset.  Because he was really good, and really eclectic, in his film choices.  He challenged himself, and worked with interesting people on interesting projects.  If Alan Rickman was in a film, you know that you could expect a certain level of quality and originality.

More importantly, he was where multiple worlds of film met…

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