Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Watching and Reading and Thinking and Listening to on KARAN JOHAR’S BIRTHDAY????

Happy Wednesday!!!! It is rainy rainy rainy here today, but weirdly is also supposed to warm up? Weather patterns are weird.

I’ll start!

Watching: I showed my co-worker/trainee Om Shanti Om yesterday! And they said it was the best movie I had shown them so far. I am considering RRR today, but a little worried too because that’s definitely a “you must focus” movie. And we are also actually doing work, for real, so it has to be a movie that can be paused every 15 minutes when the phone rings.

Reading: I am putting off Anne of the Island, because I know myself, and every single time I have read that book, I have ended up sitting there start to finish without stopping. It’s sooooooooooo good. And soooooooooooooo hard to put down. Anyway, y’all should re-read it! Even those of you who haven’t joined in or reread the other books so far! Island is AMAZING and there is a heck of a lot to talk about, from the nature of dying to love in reality versus fantasy to the way people suffer by how they are perceived by others. Really, read it!

Thinking: I am very excited about this 3 day weekend! I’m gonna make and install my front yard fence, I’m gonna take a bunch of art in to be framed (my spinster aunt who died went to art school in the 1950s and I have some really cool art projects she made from that era), and I might also make and hang curtains if I have the energy. And also maybe visit a cemetery? I don’t know, Memorial Day is a weird holiday. And there is a super cool cemetery right near us.

Listening: My parents are going to Baltimore this week and this folk song has been going through my head for days.

Now, question for you!!!! It’s Karan’s birthday, what’s your favorite Karan movie?

For me, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! Forever and always!


24 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Watching and Reading and Thinking and Listening to on KARAN JOHAR’S BIRTHDAY????

  1. It’s Christopher Lee’s 100th birthday in a few days, which really brought home to me how extremely long 100 years is. But also I’m stumped as to how to celebrate. Watch a movie, obviously, maybe do some fan art? I don’t know. I feel like I’ve said everything about him I have to say.

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  2. This week I have seen for the first time ever Casablanca and When Harry Met Sally. Slowly I’m chatching up with the classics.

    I also watched Rabb Da Radio for Tarsem Jassar’s pretty face. I was pleasantly surprised how feminine this movie is. Tarsem dominates all the posters but really he is hardly there, and his role consist only in looking lovely and being in love (which is what I usually want in my movies). All the plot is driven by women. The few men in the film are all without a spine and useless. The real protagonists are the girl Tarsem loves (Simi Chahal) and her sister-in-law (Mandy Takhar). It’s about their lifes, their problems and their friendship. In the first half, Simi couldn’t care less about Tarsem and instead is obsessed with her beautiful new bhabhi. Like really, really obsessed. They become very close friends in secret because the villain (another woman – mother in law) doesn’t want them to even talk to each other. It’s punjabi family movie so of course later Simi falls in love with the guy and they marry, but in my head she and the bhabhi should elope.

    Thinking: I just saw RRR is on Italian Netflix! I’m shocked but also angry because it’s hindi version. Isn’t it stupid? I understand putting it in hindi in India, but overseas there should be the original version.


  3. Got back from KY yesterday, although I have to stay geared to drop everything and head there again when the word comes. Trying to unbury my garden from all the weeds that encroached over the past three weeks. It turns out that the Evil Tuberous Weed that I’m having such trouble eradicating is wild violet. (I’ve only ever gardened in the Southwest before, so all the local plants up here are wildly different.) My new strategy is to try to eat them to death.

    Watching “Aarop,” since I got the call about Pawpaw’s diagnosis about halfway through it ( ; Trying in vain to remember the details of the antagonists’ eeeeeeeeeeeevil plans.

    And KKHH, obvs.


    • R.I.P. my eggplant starts also. The neighbor in whose care I had to leave them managed to kill all twelve and presented me their little empty pots back yesterday. Poor babies ) ‘:


      • I gave in and started buying plants or just sticking seeds in the ground because I found it too emotionally difficult to raise little seedlings for weeks or months and then to see them die by bug death or some other reason when I put them in the ground. I had less attachement to the plants I paid for, or the seeds I stuck in the ground with minimal effort.


        • I know! It sucks ) : It seems ridiculous, but I get SO much more upset watching plants die than animals. Side effects of ranch life, I guess.

          This season is the first time I’ve gardened outside of the Southwest and I was mostly responsible enough to pick out cold-weather plants. (Peas, chard, arugula, radishes, beets, bunch onions, some herbs.) But when I went to the hardware store for seeds, I saw the eggplant packet and just couldn’t resist the buggers. I ran the darned heater for those eggplant seedlings this spring way more often than I did for myself all winter. I’d managed to keep them alive indoors for alllllmost two months and they would finally have been ready to transplant in early June. I honestly considered trying to take them to KY with me because I was so nervous putting somebody else in charge of them! So it’s shaping up to be another eggplantless year, alas. They’re too darned expensive at the grocery store and buying greenhouse starts is even pricier.


  4. KKHH for me too:)

    Thinking about Jayeshbhai Jordaar and how it came and went(?) without any noise. It’s Ranveer and YRF and yet I hardly saw any promotions for it! What is happening? Is YRF self-sabotaging? This has been going on since that Sandeep and Pinky movie, then Bunty Aur Babli 2 and now this.

    Not watched anything except a couple of episodes of Modern Love Mumbai in random order. I liked the last one with Arshad Warsi and Chitrangda Singh the best, mainly because they’re two actors I like playing a cute married couple.


  5. OSO! Gateway SRK! Showed this to a friend on a flight from Bangkok to Dhaka and she raved about it all through immigration.

    I think my favorite Karan films are either K3G or MNIK. And I’m excited for Rocky aur Rani because, in addition to the other fantastic cast, it has Tota Roy Chowdhury in it. Great Bengali actor who’s never in anything. In fact, I’m curious to see what he looks like these days.

    I worked through the weekend and watched nothing but half of Rocket Singh, which I still love despite Ranbir..


    • Ooh I didn’t know Tota is in it, I like him! Makes sense since Alia’s character is supposed to be Bengali, I wonder if other Bengali actors will show up. I’m looking forward to the Dharma-fied take on the culture and see how many Bengalis he manages to offend 🙂


  6. My fav Karan’s movie is K3G.

    Update about my son’s theater group: In the end the Sunday’s show was canceled and he didn’t miss it. They have made one show on Tuesday, and he could participate. There was supposed to be another one on Wednesday, but the protagonist tested positive for Covid and they postponed it.


  7. KKHH of course!

    Reading : I finished all three novels from Jane Fairfax’s perspective and it’s really a mixed bag. Some good writing, but perhaps the plotting could have been better! I might start Anne of the Island tho as you’re really sellinggg it! Perhaps I will like it more now than I am so much more mature! 😀


    • YES! Ready Anne of the Island! If nothing else, I guarantee the Ruby Gillis section will get you.

      On Thu, May 26, 2022 at 11:55 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  8. This is a surprise!

    Here’s him dancing at Karan’s birthday party –


  9. I’m about to hang curtains, but mine are premade ones.
    Thinking about rereading the Anne series, for some unknown reason 😉

    Gonna buck the trend and admit that I don’t much care for KKHH. Blasphemous I know, but somehow it just doesn’t click for me.
    MNIK, on the other hand… I love more than I can even word. I’ll disolve into a puddle of feels if I try, and that’s only considering the first hour of it.


  10. I would say Kal Ho Naa Ho cause even though he hasn’t directed the film was still very much written and “in control” of his vision. But elsewise my regular pic is always going to be Kuch Kuch Hota Hai as well 🙂


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