Silly Sunday on Thursday: True Crime Femme Fatale Romance for SRK, and Recasting Anne of the Island!!!!

I am sitting in a laundromat waiting for my clothes to be done, perfect time to let my imagination take flight and not really think about much of anything. Oh, and by the way, no watchalong this week, my schedule is just too crazy (my friends invited their friend who is a professional landscaper to come fix our back yard, so we are working flat out for the 3 days he is in town)

True Crime Femme Fatale Romance for SRK and PC

This is a weird true crime story that jumped out at me because it’s about a young woman choosing an much older man who is casually confident in himself over her sweet kind nice young husband.

In the real story, a beautiful young female hero cop, married with a young child, is driving around a neighborhood with her partner one day and sees a 40 something divorced single dad of a teenage daughter washing his car. They pull over and chat with him, and she comes on to him hard and gives him her number. He is quickly swept away into this fantasy of passionate love as she messages him and calls him constantly, unable to resist him. He knows it is wrong because she is married, but she tells him her husband is abusive and she is planning to leave him and they will be together and in love forever. But things start to change when she gets jealous of his teenage daughter. They fight about it constantly until finally he lies that he sent his daughter away to live with her mother, even though really she is living a block away with friends and he is still secretly seeing her every day. And then it gets REALLY crazy when she threatens him with a gun and he is so scared, he goes to court to get a restraining order. But is seduced back, like abused partners often are, and ends up caught in her web again and in love but also afraid. Finally, she starts talking about hiring a hitman to kill her husband. At which point he actually reaches out to the ex-husband, they meet, and bond over their shared fear of this woman. Finally he has had enough and goes to the FBI and agrees to wear a wire and set up his girlfriend. The FBI create a fake murder for hire plot and even fake a murder photo of the husband. She is caught on tape and arrested. Our poor middle-aged hero is finally reunited with his daughter and allowed to feel safe in his own home again.

So, yeah, the combo of this intimate partner abuse story with opposite genders from what we are used to, complete with using a threat against your child to control you, and the much older man who is so irresistible this woman leaves her husband for him, is PERFECT for SRK!!! He can play the effortlessly sexy sweet kind single Dad, and the man who is afraid in his own home while at the same time comfortable enough in his own skin to admit to the police he is afraid in his own home.

As I see it, our remake would start as a seeming love story. We see our heroine with her dull daily routine, making lunch for her small son and her sweet nice husband, then putting on her uniform and going to work as a cop, where she drives by the same house every day in order to see Shahrukh say goodbye to his daughter as she leaves for work at the same time every day. Until her partner/friend finally takes the lead and calls Shahrukh over and gives him her phone number. Passionate secret romance love story, we see that Shahrukh has a similar life to hers, he has taken early retirement to devout himself to his daughter, makes her lunch every day, sends her to school. And this passionate young woman dropping into his life upends everything. His old friends worry about him and tell him he is crazy, but his daughter encourages him to take a chance and be happy again, and he can’t resist her even though he knows it makes no sense.

And then it starts slowly to turn bad. They fight over his daughter, she apologizes, but then they fight again. He starts lying about spending time with his daughter just so she won’t be jealous. She separates from her husband and at the same time has an injury at work (action sequence!) and insists he move in with her to take care of her and her son during recovery, he has to have his daughter live with friends so she can keep going to the same school. And then they have one big final fight over nothing and it ends with her threatening to kill him with her gun. At which point he goes to the police for an order of protection. But then there is another love song, and he drops the request because he can’t resist her. However, he is beginning to question things and reaches out to the husband directly and meets him and learns he is a nice guy and not an abuser. So when he goes home and she is talking about having her husband killed, he isn’t sure what to think. Until she starts talking about having his daughter killed too, at which point he is terrified. If he says “no”, what if she hires someone and does it behind his back? So he plays along just to make sure he knows what is happening, terrified of her and still a little in love, sets her up with a fake “hitman” provided by the police, and finally gets her on tape confirming she wants the murder to happen. The final act is him getting his daughter to forgive him and understand that he fought with her and sent her away to protect her.


Hero: SRK, duh

Heroine/anti-hero: Kind of want PC for this. But if not her, Alia would be REALLY interesting

Sweet husband: Sid M. We would immediately be on his side and against his wife

Teen daughter: Suhana, duh

Cameo fake hitman real police: Anil Kapoor! I just think he would have fun with it

Anne of the Island Hindi Film Casting!

Anne: Deepika

Roy: Ranbir

Gilbert: Ranveer

Phil: Alia

Jonas: Vivaan Shah


Anne: Kareena

Roy: Ranbir

Gilbert: Shahid

Phil: Deepika

Jonas: Ranveer (he’s a good enough actor, he can play ugly)


12 thoughts on “Silly Sunday on Thursday: True Crime Femme Fatale Romance for SRK, and Recasting Anne of the Island!!!!

  1. The true crime sounds fascinating. It’s also perfect casting as SRK and PC have great chemistry. Plus if he’s SRK, her cheating totally makes sense as he’s SRK. While I was reading I felt like the husband would be Sid M.

    I find it so funny that you made Ranbir Roy and Ranveer Gilbert. Sort of similar to real life. Except Roy wasn’t a ‘playboy’ just a bore. I don’t know whether I would choose Deepika though as Anne even though I know she could pull it off. Maybe Alia (I can see the hotheadedness but not the thinking with heart part). Maybe young Rani/Kajol/Madhuri they would all be perfect for the role. I’m leaning towards Madhuri though as Anne is a lot more mature in this story and I feel her character is similar to DTPH. Maybe Anne of Avonlea would be Kajol


    • Exactly! “Much older man who has a strange fascination for mad bad younger woman” is a perfect role for SRK.

      I always do a Dips-Ranbir-Ranveer love triangle whenever I possibly can! It makes me so happy. I can see Dips as Anne based on her performance in Chennai Express, that character feels most similar. A very very young Madhuri would be good, but I don’t know who could act opposite her. Maybe Anil as Gilbert because they have that childhood friends vibe? And Vinod Khanna or someone similarly dull and handsome as Roy?

      But it just occurred to me, Alia and Sid M! Sid M. would be the perfect Gilbert, handsome and boyish but also so sweet and simple it would be easy for an old friend to not see his value.


      • The Madhuri triangle is great, its fanfic let’s forget about age. Also Vinod Khanna was also my first choice for Roy.

        Sid M just seems too boring as Gilbert. He doesn’t have much play-fullness about him, he reminds me of a perfect Roy. I was going to choose Alia but she can’t pull of thinking with her heart (from what I’ve seen in Kalank). She needs a logical explanation so I feel like she doesn’t fit the Anne role.


          • I don’t know Alia still doesn’t convince me. What if we have Kiara Advani instead, she’s going to act with Varun soon and is dating Sid so it would be perfect.


  2. Our cast is too old, or basically we don’t know enough 19 year old actors to properly cast Anne of the Island. Anaya Panday would be a good Phil – but that is the limit of my youthful Hindi actor knowledge. Even Alia is the youth of yesterday; in RRR, she seemed a tad old for the part.

    And while even on the age front, SRK can’t even really pull of 40 anymore, I think the plot with a 50 year old works just fine! And while I love the idea of PC – I know they won’t ever act again, and if they do it would be Don – and also the chemsitry might not be there now. But Anushka could pull off the intensity required, and they ALWAYS have chemistry.


  3. I like Kareena as Phil maybe. But she’s too brash for Anne.

    But I’m not sure about Anne! If I have to see anyone at all, it’s always Megan Follows. I went through Suhana, Khushi, Sanjana, Jahnvi, Sara, and…none?? I think someone who’s a singer/dancer rather an actor might be a perfect fit, but I can’t think of anyone.


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