Saturday/Sunday Evening or Monday Morning WatchAlong: Anyone Available?

This is the weekend of my insane cross-country driving trip (assuming my COVID tests from yesterday come back negative, now my brain has decided to worry about that). Anyway, I’m planning to drive all day and then stop early evening to get a hotel before I wear myself out, so I could do a watchalong Saturday or Sunday evening. Or early Monday Morning, my last driving day when I will have earned a slow start.

If no one is free, that is fine, but I’ve been missing our watchalongs!

Saturday/Sunday after 7pm Central time

Or Monday Morning at 6am Central Time

If those times work for anyone, movie options!

Ante Sundaraniki!

Nani and Nazriya, I love both of them, and it’s supposed to be a fun rom-com. And it’s on Netflix!

Virata Parvam

Sai Pallavi and Rana Daggubati! I also love both of them! And also on Netflix

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2

Just dumb fun. And Netflix.


7 thoughts on “Saturday/Sunday Evening or Monday Morning WatchAlong: Anyone Available?

  1. I can make Saturday or Sunday easily. . . Monday, too, if it’s a shorter film.

    Blessings on the roadtrip. I have to drive from northern Indiana to Boston-ish at least twice a year and always do it in one horrible day. Your method sounds much more reasonable! N.B., if you need a break while you’re in the area, my favorite cinema in the area that shows desi films is the AMC up in Methuen.

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  2. I would be very happy if it was on Sunday, as tomorrow I am convincing myself to Get Out of the House and do Scottish Culture, in the form of my local Highland Games. One of those things I know I will enjoy if I can force myself to go there, but will need a mega pep-talk to actually get to.

    I heartily recommend Bhool Bhulaiya, but would be happy to watch any of these suggestions.


  3. I can do saturday evening! Maybe Sunday evening, but definitely not Monday – we figured out the annoying everyone must always have a computer and phone at all times park pass system and are going to Yosemite!

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