Bastille Day Late Post: Songs in Paris!!!!

Silly silly post for a stressy stressy day. I woke up at 6am ready to hit the road, only I’m not leaving until tomorrow. But I’m ready! I’m packed! I’m planned! I’m hyped! Instead of getting in the car and driving, I will write this silly silly post.

I unapologetically LOVE this song. Which was actually filmed on location, including at the Louvre. How??? Did Paris not know how silly it was? “Ticket to Hollywood”

Less silly and more classic, the first movie to do a long overseas sequence, although this particular song is probably on a soundstage, “Main Kaa Karoon Raam”

So long as we are doing Soundstage Songs, absolutely “Ruk Ja O Dil Deewana”!!!

There’s also literally every song from Befikre, but this is my favorite so I am picking this one, “Je T’aime”

Not sure this one was actually filmed in Paris, but it’s SUPPOSED to be Paris, so I am using it anyway. Also, I like this song, Saif and Rani are cute, “Chak De”

I should really do a Queen song, but I hate Kangana, and I love Preity, so instead I am doing a song from Preity’s big flop, “Ishq in Paris”

OH oh! I just remembered “Ajooba”!!!! It goes all over, but also goes to Paris!

And grand finale HAS to be the Shammi classic from the movie that is my personal favorite version of Paris in Indian film (silly, fun, romantic), “An Evening in Paris”!


10 thoughts on “Bastille Day Late Post: Songs in Paris!!!!

  1. This post made me ride a rollercoaster of emotion in record time.

    Rage – God, how I hated Ishqk in Paris! Soooo beneath Preity. Her outfits were amazing, though, just a shame about the plot. And co-stars. And music. And spelling of Ishqk.
    Love – Awww, main kya karoon Ram is on my playlist for life. ❤
    More love – DDLJ! ❤
    Shock and awe – You hate Kangana so much you even boycott….QUEEN?! 😮 😮



    • I haven’t seen Ishqk in Paris, but I will say based on that video, that if Preity’s male co-star was trying to play the most boring human alive, he did a good job.

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      • He hardly managed anything resembling a facial expression for the whole movie, I swear. I was literally rooting for them to stay broken up at the end because his only two character traits were ‘dull as dishwater’ and ‘obnoxious’.

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