No WatchAlong Because Nephew B is Beating Down the Door to Be Born!

Based on latest reports from my sister, Nephew B is really REALLY ready to get here. So instead of a nice slow drive today ending with a pleasant watchalong, I’m gonna shoot for getting within a few hours of their house by the end of the day so I can be on call. Unfortunately, all the way there just seems EXTREMELY unlikely. Unless I get an Auntie adrenaline rush.

I did ask, just to be prepared, what I should tell Nephew A if he wakes up to find his parents gone. Family line is “they are at the hospital where the doctors are helping Baby Brother get out of Mommy’s tummy”. That’s not terrifying, right? To be told by a near stranger who just arrived at your house?

I’m sure it will be fine. I’ll bribe him with food and movies. Which reminds me, this song is good for me while on the road today, AND might be a good “look at the pretty song and forget that both your parents are gone for the first time in your life” distraction!


6 thoughts on “No WatchAlong Because Nephew B is Beating Down the Door to Be Born!

  1. This is exciting! Also slightly terrifying. First time away from parents for baby 2 to be born is somewhat traumatic for all involved. I speak from experience as I played your role when my goddaughter was born – who is now 20 and happens to be asleep in my guest room with her boyfriend…how time flies…anyway, I was with mom when she gave birth, drove back to the house from the hospital and had to help grandpa convince baby 1 that he was going to survive the night!


  2. How are your baking skills? Getting nephew A to help with making pancakes would be a good distraction, as well as then baking cookies for Mommy and Baby for when they get back. You can get nephew A to help prepare for nephew B. Babies don’t have good eyesight and thus search for contrast – so Nephew A could draw him some black and white pictures to hang around his bedroom & crib for him to look at. And if the picture is a scrible, it is all good, because that is still contrast. You and Nephew A could practice a song to sing to Nephew B. Or get an old box, and cut it up to make a “board book” about the family Nephew B is entering. Basically getting Nephew A to actually DO something to prepare for Nephew B will help allieviate anxiety and prepare for an uncertain future. Good luck!


    • Currently, Nephew A says he is fine and has no feelings, but his trucks are crying over the new little truck that is coming. So, hmmmm.

      But yes, baking and drawing are good. Plus, Auntie will be new to the house too, so he has to show me my room and his toys and the best climbing rocks in the yard.


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