Aunting Report! Guess What is the ONLY Song that Will Calm This Child Down and Make Him Laugh?

Happy Tuesday! MommySister and Daddy might be coming home from the hospital today with Baby Brother! False alarms Thursday evening and Saturday morning which meant Auntie caring for confused Nephew A. Also, Nephew A got a 24 hour bug and threw up over everything on Friday. I had to throw away my dress. And then the real alarm started Saturday afternoon and I have been solo caring for a small human being since then. Well, the nanny was here for a few hours yesterday so I was able to wash my hair (HEAVEN!), but mostly solo. Once Mommy and Daddy and Baby Brother are home, it will get easier, right? Because babies make everything better?

I was able to introduce him to 3 new Shahrukh songs! Well, new to him. Following the “vehicles always” theory, I tried “Yun Hi Chala” which was a hit. The man sits on top of the car! What a silly man!

Emboldened, I moved on to “Gumshuda”, because in that one all the people stand and dance on cars. Less interest there. Maybe he can sense the subtle quality changes between a Rahman song and a non-Rahman song?

And finally, swinging for the fences, “Chaiyya Chaiyya”! Which he has been shown many times before and always rejected with a deadpan “I don’t like this song”. This time, no complaints! Actually watched all the way through! Success so far as I am concerned.

But the real hit, the song I showed him after Mommy left for the hospital and which has been his aural/visual comfort blanket this whole time, is “The Egg Song” also known as “My Name is Anthony Gonsalves”. He puts his hat on his shoe! On his SHOE!!!!

ALSO! I have a bone to pick with y’all! I put up sooooooooooooooooooo many posts asking for advice. And the one vital thing I should have known, no one told me. When you go for a walk with a Small Child and a tricycle, you WILL end up carrying the tricycle.

I ran this by my parent friends and apparently it is a known fact. BUT NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT IT!!! Is this some sort of cruel hazing ritual? Everyone has to find it out for themselves? And then cars slow down and tease you about it (yes, this actually happened, a nice man slowed down and said “isn’t he supposed to be on the bike?”)? If I ever run a “prepared childbirth” class or am asked for aunting advice or anything, the first thing I will say is “you will end up carrying the tricycle”.

Okay, the nice UberEats man just dropped off my breakfast (auntie doesn’t cook, I have decided. Auntie is tooooooooooo busy), so I’m gonna shut down the computer and stare at the monitor while drinking coffee.


17 thoughts on “Aunting Report! Guess What is the ONLY Song that Will Calm This Child Down and Make Him Laugh?

  1. I have not reached the tricycle level of parenting yet, so thanks for the heads up! The Easter egg song is SOO great! As you know, Baby SRK loves it too.

    On a separate but related note, it’s ONLY TUESDAY morning and we still have 4 full days of trying to work while taking care of a very active baby! Husband and I are seriously wondering how we plan to do this if we have 2 children?! Stupid COVID.


  2. Congratulations to the parents. I hope both the mom and Nephew B feel good.

    And yes, the tricycle. The parent/aunt always ends carrying the stuff, no matter if it’s a tricycle, a ball, a doll. Kids take the stuff and abandon it quickly.


  3. Congrats on the new nephew!!!

    Anthony Gonsalves is such a fun song, glad he is liking it! Making me think what other songs are there which could be visually attractive to a child?


  4. Suraj hua maddham from KKKG works quite well.

    chand churake laya hoon

    luk chip luk chip jao na

    basically slow soft songs. at least it seems nice, i dont have much experience with my brother

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  5. My friend’s 3 year old niece apparently really wanted to listen to Lungi Dance recently. It’s got bright colors and SRK and I think there’s a train in the background? Probably.


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