Aunting Report: Things Are Not Going Super Well, Pray/Keep a Thought/Whatever is Your Practice of Choice

If you thought “gee, I wonder if there have been no new posts because things in Margaret’s life have gone a bit off, but I hope that isn’t true” you were right and it is true.

We’ve got a pre-post-eclampsia situation here, which is a little bit scary and a lot bit tiring as the kids have to stay on a schedule and some sense of normalcy. So far everyone at the hospital is very optimistic so long as Sister does absolutely nothing, no visitors, no calls, NOTHING. And the two kids are bouncing perfect pictures of health. But Auntie is TIRED and a little bit weepy. Still hoping Sister comes home tomorrow in which case Auntie can leave and be home by Sunday night. Auntie misses not being “auntie” but being an actual person who took showers and ate food and wrote her nice sarcastic blog posts about shirtless men!

Also, Shelomit, I’m warning you now, if I get stuck here another week I may beg for an in person meet-up because I am losing my sense of self and humanity. It’s you or my own aunt who also lives in the area and I think she will make me feel like a weepy 5 year old again instead of a strong confident independent adult.


13 thoughts on “Aunting Report: Things Are Not Going Super Well, Pray/Keep a Thought/Whatever is Your Practice of Choice

  1. Hang in there, friend! That sounds really hard and a little scary but you will all come through it and you will have done an important thing at a moment when your family, big and littles, needed you. In the meantime, it’s OK to just survive and get through the day an hour at a time. Breathe and give yourself small treats when you can.

    Wishing Sister a full recovery and reunion with her family!


  2. All the best for Sister, get well soon.

    And I’m definitely feeling with you, Auntie. Finding other people to help you is a good idea. And at least you won’t have to worry about bonding with Nephew A ever again. This is probably going to stick with him.


  3. Thinking of you and Sister now and hoping you can get back to normal soon. You’ve been an exemplary Auntie when one was needed and you deserve to rest. Looking forward to discussing shirtless (and, following townsandtulips, maybe pantsless) men again soon.

    Best to Sister also. Sounds very hard on her as well.


  4. I went to a matinee yesterday and, when a light-haired lady walked in a little late, for a split second wondered if you’d been released from auntie purgatory! Lots of good wishes for your sister in particular. I am available for chumming next week if needed, though I hope you will be well on your way back to Chicagoland by then ❤


  5. Just checked if you’d posted some news…feel sorry for you, the adults, but it seems that the kids cope well (which is also because of you, I guess). But as I read already the title of the next post, you seem to be going back to those things you wish to return to.
    Big and warm hug from my side 🙂


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