Cheer Me Up! Let’s Hate on Ranbir a Little Bit

Nanny is here so I am free for a bit and I realized the only thing that makes me feel better is to look up Alia/Ranbir quotes and get that nice sensation of irritation.

Just to get us started, even though I haven’t watched the ep yet, I found a report that says Alia’s wedding ring says “Mrs. Hipster” on the inside. Why does that bother me? Is it that the tackiness? The “my identity is tied up in my husband” ness? Being proud of something most people consider a punchline? Or the almost immediately dated quality?

Supposedly Ranbir saw Alia on the set of SOTY and asked Karan “should I marry her?” This would be when Alia was 19 and Ranbir was 30, and also in a serious relationship with an age appropriate woman. What part of this story is most gaggable?

And finally, this quote from early in their relationship: “According to her, he is an amazing soul and there’s so much that she get to learn from him every day, not just as an artiste but also as a human being”. Is it more irritating that this quote is about Ranbir, or that it is from any girlfriend about her boyfriend?


15 thoughts on “Cheer Me Up! Let’s Hate on Ranbir a Little Bit

  1. Okay I’m using this post to talk about my experience watching Shamshera. As it was awful and truly a waste of my money. The movie was so boring, and long. It was basically a bad Agneepath+mad max mashup. Also Ranbir does not have screen prescience at all. Generally a bad movie, don’t watch it when it comes on streaming also if you don’t want to be haunted by it for days.


      • I believe it is worse. The songs for one are not as great plus the production design is just what someone with zero history knowledge would do. Atleast Bombay Velvet had pretty images. The worst thing is the climax is that crows rescue Ranbir, yes like Maine Pyar Kiya. Except that movie was a whole lot more genuine and sincere than this pretentious garbage. Honestly the more I think that I actually paid to watch this movie the more it rages me.


  2. Ranbir asking everyone if he should marry Alia when she was 18 and he was 30 and dating Katrina makes me see red!!! How vile! EW, EW, EW!

    Is it weird that I still wish Alia comes to her senses and eventually divorces Ranbir and marries Sid?

    Also, I have not seen Shamshera but it makes me happy that multiple critics think the problem was Ranbir. Maybe … just maybe… people will finally see that he is just not a good actor and stop putting him on a damn pedestal! But maybe not because his fans suck.

    Finally, I kind of hope you get a chance to watch the KWK Alia episode while you are in this mood because the review that will come out of it would be AMAZING to read. You are already annoyed, and oh man, that episode will make you sooo sooo angry! If you hated Ranbir already, this is not going to make things better.

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  3. IMO, the quote is more irritating because it’s about Ranbir. He is so CLEARLY a bog-standard, uninteresting soul that it is taken to another level of annoyance-causing.
    Urgh, Ranbir.

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  4. I know I’m in the minority here of not hating Ranbir and finding him to be a good actor. Just wanted to say, I watched Shamshera and while it was worth the big-screen experience, it didn’t live up to what I was expecting. The weak story was the main culprit, it didn’t connect emotionally. Actors were fine and some of the visual setpieces were great. But to me the real gem is the music! I can’t remember the last time I wholeheartedly loved a movie soundtrack (probably Dil Bechaara)! It’s a throwback to the 70s-80s and each song delivers. It feels so good to hear Sukhwinder Singh’s full-bodied vocals after such a long time. All other singers get to shine in their own songs. The songs make a bigger emotional impact than the entire movie. I think everyone should give the soundtrack a listen (my fav is Parinda).


  5. It’s the “Should I marry her” like her will doesn’t figure into it at all and obviously she would want to marry him. That’s the most gaggable part.

    Shamshera seems to be well received by people I respect? What’s going on?

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  6. Uhhh I’ve never heard that anecdote about when he saw Alia on the sets of SOTY and I’m grossed out by it. Eeewww and totally in line with the creepy/obnoxious vibes he gives off.


  7. Growing up, I used to crush on this man so hard! I forced my parents to purchase the Bachna Ae Haseeno dvd and I would watch it on repeat because I crushed on his dumb Raj character so so hard. I see where my liking for f-boys started and honestly, the hate this man gets is hilarious. Not like Alia is some super sensible girl but honestly, I feel like they’re well suited for each other.


  8. 1) I saw an extended clip in which Alia said HIPSTER is an acronym, but she wouldn’t go into specifics about what each letter means. Still weird though.

    2) I really hope the SOTY was a joke. If a 30 year old man asked to marry me when I was 19, I would throw up and also punch him in the face. Age gaps when one party is significantly younger to the point where they’re basically a teenager never sit right with me. Ranbir’s always been a cheater, ok, whatever, but ugh. Ughhhhhhhhhh.

    3) It’s definitely more irritating that it’s about Ranbir. You are supposed to grow and change with your partner, especially in a long term relationship, but what could Alia possibly have to learn from Ranbir besides how to uphold the Kapoor family name? Yuck.


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