Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Drive Home!

Woot! We made it! Mother and baby both safely home and so long as Mother follows orders and takes it very easy for a few weeks, it’s all gonna be okay. And Auntie gets to go HOME!!!

Things to talk about!

Masaba Masaba Season 2! Little worried that it is jumping on the Indian weddings setting bandwagon, feels a tad desperate and imitating instead of original. VERY excited to see Ram Kapoor in a lowkey role possibly romancing Neetu.

Darlings with Alia! Does it want to be a dark film about spousal abuse? Or a funny film about kidnapping? I don’t think it knows, and I sure don’t. I just wish it was more like 9 to 5 and less like Thappad.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Drive Home!

  1. Darlings looks fun but I’m worried it will make less of the domestic abuse. I would’ve preferred if the story was more lighter and been some kind of strange romance like Haseen Dilruba. Instead it’s really serious as I think alia always likes message-based films.

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  2. I am so sorry it wasn’t a beautiful aunty & nephew bonding experience. And I feel badly for your sister. My first birth was a nightmare and they had me on that don’t die of pre-eclampsia medication and I just hated it. My tube kinked and I didn’t tell anyone. Nephew seems like a sensitive soul, and his not feeling well didn’t help anything I am sure.

    My own family is enjoying a return to internet. We got home from a backpacking trip and found a dead refrigerator and no internet. The husband got the fridge working (youtube + necessity) the next day but it took a bit longer to get internet, it took four trips to the internet provider office actually. Our internet provider mandates that all offices show Middle Eastern News – it was better than Fox or CNN.


    • The plus side is, I am just so glad I was there. There were 2 days I was 100% the only adult taking care of nephew, and lots of other times in between with dr appts and stuff. If I hadn’t been there, there really wasn’t a back up available.

      So, loads of bonding! And such a compliment that Nephew A trusted me to be his substitute caregiver.

      And yes, after a certain point the meds made Sister so sick they stopped them a few hours early. Don’t make me take them!

      On the other hand, I did have internet the whole time! So still better off than you.


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