Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me as I Try to Stay Awake Through Work?

Happy Monday! I am HOME! I slept 12 hours last night and still feel tired and achey, but I am HOME! Back to normal life.

Here is where you get to ask me anything from “what is the next movie you will see in theaters?” to “Did you know it’s Meena Kumari’s Birthday today?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!

Now, question for you! What is your favorite “ahhhh, I’m home” song?

I still really love this one from Jacobinte Swargarajyam


25 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me as I Try to Stay Awake Through Work?

  1. How are you feeling? You must be extremely exhausted doing a long road trip and taking care of your nephew.

    My favourite ah I’m home song is this:

    It’s an old Kannada from the movie Aptha Mitra (Kannada remake of the Manichitrathazhu), it’s one of my favourite songs and immediately puts me into a good mood. As it reminds me of my childhood when I didn’t have much stress.


  2. Random question/thoughts. I watched Cocktail over the weekend. I loved the acting. I loved the emotions. And yet, I really did not like the movie. It just left me feeling really sad. At first glance, I thought the whole premise of Saif pretending Diana is his girlfriend because she is more “traditionally Indian.” Deepika trying to be Indian and cooking biryani for Saif. And Saif at the end of the day falling for Diana because she is Indian irked me. But it’s not really that. Yes, that was annoying. But, I could see that Diana was not the “typical traditional Indian girl.” She ran away from home to be with her husband, then fell in love with another man, and eventually divorced her husband. Good for her. I really liked her character. Saif always was clear with Deepika (and vice versa) about their friends with benefits set up and eventually fell in love with Diana and right away had a discussion with Deepika and Diana. And Saif is still there for Deepika and cares deeply about her but the line where he says “you slept with me too, and we were clear from the start” still broke my heart. Saif it right. Diana is great. And yet, I hated it!

    I just felt so sad for Deepika. And at the end of the day, her parents abandoned her, her boyfriend falls for her best friend, who she gave shelter and friendship too. And no matter what she does, her heart keeps breaking. It just sucks. This is a crazy analogy, but it is the same feeling I had when they killed off Sirius Black in Harry Potter. Harry had already lost all of his family. He finally found Sirius after all these years and they became family just for him to be killed off. It sucks. It’s stupid. It makes me really sad about life and I can’t help but feel like a petulant child saying, “but life shouldn’t be this unfair.” Also, despite Saif doing everything right, something about his character just didn’t fit well with me. I don’t know if its just that guys feel like if they are clear from the start that there is nothing serious about that will come out of the hook up, then they can absolve themselves of much of the responsibility. I don’t know. It just felt like an amalgamation of his characters from Kya Kehna, Salaam Namaste, Hum Tum, and Love Aaj Kal all mixed together. But maybe its because Diana and Saif get the happy ending here that it doesn’t sit well with me.

    Anyways. Are there movies where you can appreciate the acting, even respect the characters’ actions. Everyone is good. No one is at fault. And yet the movie feels deeply uncomfortable to you?

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    • I didn’t like Diana’s character, or maybe I didn’t like the actress. So when Saif fell for her I was really annoyed! But I loved the start of the movie. I loved the friendship between her and Deepika. I loved her innocence and shock that her husband just married her for the dowry. I like Saif better now, as a chunky goofy dad-like comedian. He was never my favorite heart throb, though he and Priety did have great chemistry.

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      • Yes! I loved their friendship also! Deepika doesn’t think twice before befriending her and offering up her house and her heart! They just click. Deepika finally finds family in Diana. This should have been about that friendship and it wasn’t.

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    • It’s been a long time since I saw Cocktail, and I remember feeling sad for her as well. With these kind of endings I always imagine there is something better waiting for the person in the future. I think why we feel so strongly for her in this case is because she is the protagonist here and doesn’t do anything wrong or shady to get the guy (from what I remember). Whereas in other movies with this kind of situation, the one ending up alone isn’t the protagonist and/or tries to sabotage the relationship in some way (like SRK in KHKN), so our sympathy is not as strong.

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      • Ooh! You are completely right! Here, Deepika is the protagonist. She is the biggest star in that movie. She also doesn’t do anything wrong to get Saif and she doesn’t do anything wrong with regards to Diana. I kept wondering why this movie hit me so much harder than SOTY where the genders are flipped but the story is similar. Varun is a great friend to Sid and Sid hooks up with Varun’s girlfriend. But I think the problem where was that Varun was likely cheating on Alia or at the very least constantly flirting with other women and it made sense that Alia would end up falling for Sid. And same with all the other movies where the person who doesn’t end up with the guy is either not the protagonist or has done something that helps the audience be okay with the result. Here, the result is just completely wrong!

        Thank you for that wonderful perspective!

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  3. Hi Margaret…I’m happy that you did the trip and the care…just being there for your beloved ones… now you’re linked for life to the birth of the little nephew B (wonder, if his name also starts with B…). Nephew A may not remember your stay in some years but it will belong to your family-stories…and THAT ist just great!
    Biiig hug!


  4. Now to a Monday question… would like to know what you thing about the reception of Shamshera… I did not (could not) watch the movie but the way negativity gains the upper-hand (and the glee with which this is welcome) does – at least a bit – worry me…


  5. Anyone keeping up with KwK? I am, and I have to say it’s quite uncomfortable to see Karan interacting with the newest generation of actresses. He keeps probing about the sex life of these girls he’s practically watched growing up in front of his eyes! I’m pretty sure Ananya called him ‘uncle’ growing up! It was fine when the guests were his peers and contemporaries but now the power and age imbalance gives it a creepy undertone. One reason I’m looking forward to the Kareena and Aamir episode is because they’re gonna give as good as they get like the good old days.

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