Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Watching and Reading and Thinking and Listening to the Week of Ponniyin Selven????

Happy Wednesday! This week feels like it is going super fast, but maybe that is just me. In just two days, I will be watching Ponniyin Selven!!!

I’ll start!

Watching: I’m kind of browsing without settling. Watched the new cat documentary on Netflix with my cat-fiend friends, it’s very pleasant and lowkey if you feel like just watching a bunch of people play with cats. Dipping in to Silent Witness a bit, boy that show is trash. But trash with British accents! So it feels smart! I have to watch Psycho for a film group, maybe I will try that today. While the sun is out, obviously.

Reading: It might be time to read Dracula again! There were several years when I read it every October without fail, and then I had essentially memorized it so I stopped. But it’s been a while now, might be time for a refresh read.

Thinking: Gah, the past 3 weeks feel like they’ve just been a blurr! I should really do a separate post about all the little complications that hit me all at once just recently. Spoiler: I have mice.

Listening: I am trying to pretend my mice are like cartoon mice, instead of creepy real life pooping mice.

Now, question for you! It’s Lataji’s birthday, favorite Lata song?

I’m going classical, Pakeezah! “Chalte Chalte”


25 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Watching and Reading and Thinking and Listening to the Week of Ponniyin Selven????

  1. Reading: Apart from the school readings began reading Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan (the one translated by M. Rajaram, published in 2022) since they seem more of a legitimate translation and combine 5 books into 3, so easier to go at it I guess, and seem a good start at least prose-wise. Anyway, I have a few translations, so happy to read the series over and over looking at how things translate depending on the translator.

    Thinking: Well Chiyaan Vikram and Aishwarya Rai, and how this press tour of Ponniyin Selvan really makes me love them both all the more. The way he speaks about her, the chemistry between them even going by the pictures at events…I love them so much! Just watch the videos!

    SPOILERS for Raavanan and Ponniyin Selvan, but the book is old, and it is technically history. At your own risk, I guess or come to them later.

    My favorite Lata song is ‘Aplam Chaplam’ – an odd choice I know, but I love her early years, and how happy the song is along with the choreography.


    • The first part of the second tweet is here with the video. He talks so sweetly about her and is so sincere.


    • Okay, I will put a detailed Spoiler synopsis in my review, and you get to tell me how close or far it is from the book! Because I do NOT have time to read it in advance. Although if the movie is AMAZING, I may read the book after I see it so I can know the rest of the story.


      • I am a SLOW reader. It will take a while. Good that the movie comes in two parts, so technically we can both read the books by the time the second movie comes, since there is more time. I will happily spoil myself with the story before watching, since it is after all the visuals, the acting, and the music that make the movie. So if I know one part – the story – I just know 1/4 of the whole package, that’s just my logic. I have already spoiled myself with certain things, nothing too detailed, because unavoidable thanks to both history, and wanting a clear understanding of who is who in the plot.


  2. I haven’t watched anything Indian because I watch Under the Banner of Heaven in almost every free moment. Have you seen it? I love it especially how it shows weak men inventing anything to control their women.

    And when I don’t watch Under the Banner of Heaven I watch El Rey: Vincente Fernandez. I was a member of Alejandro Fernandez fan club and have had a crush on Jaime Camil for like 20 years so I just had to start this series as soon as it appeared on Netflix.


  3. Not possible to have one favorite Lata song, so at the moment I’ll go with Rangeela Re – the pain in Lata’s voice matched with the pain on Waheeda’s face, it’s perfect!


  4. Hello! Wanted to share this story that I saw from a friend who pointed out it would make a great movie plot.

    Because one of the cheetah mitras is this once infamous dacoit:

    Does anyone here know the history? Was he a notorious bad guy or could we turn this into a happy ending for Pushpa Part 3?


  5. I’ve been catching up on movies that I missed watching in the theaters like Liger, Kurup and Thallumaala.

    Liger was such a terrible movie and the only reason I got through the entire thing is because it got into “it’s so bad, it’s funny” territory at times. I honestly don’t understand what Vijay Deverakonda saw in this project that he signed it and had so much faith in it. Maybe Puri was the only established Telugu director that wanted to do a pan india film with Vijay or something.

    Kurup was a pretty slow, simple thriller that was carried by Dulquer’s charisma and swag. I wouldn’t exactly recommend watching it unless you want to see a new DQ movie.

    Thallumaala was a lot of fun at times but ultimately it really dragged towards the end. I loved the editing though, it was very quirky and comic book-esque.


  6. Update about Under the Banner of Heaven.
    I finished it! But the last episode was a letdown 😦 Too long (over 90 minutes!) and confused. The acting was terrific, and some scenes great and gripping but many others were added just for some fake scares, or to forcibly close the story and I didn’t like it. But do I have a little crush on Gil Birmingham now? Maybe. And am I listening to Diana Ross Muscles because he started his career with this video? Of course. I didn’t know this song, it’s the first time I’m listening to it and OMG I have no words

    What other “women shamelessly singing about sex” old songs I have been missing in my life?


  7. Fresh stuff alert! : Prabhas’s Adipurush teaser.
    What is this obsession with special effects? It looks more like a animated film than the real one. Maybe that was the intent? I don’t know but everything looks so fake, I just can’t. I wish I could meet Prabhas and choose his next movie for him.


  8. Margaret, I deleted my wordpress account and now I can’t post anymore and it’s so frustrating. I’ve lost multiple posts:( I really don’t want to have to use my work e-mail in order to post, so you probably won’t see me posting anymore. But I’ll still be reading the blog!


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