Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the First Monday of SHAHRUKH MONTH???

Happy Monday!!! It’s Shahrukh Month!!! And Halloween Month! And the Month of Ponniyin Selvan!!! So many things!

Here is where you get to ask me anything you want from “Why Shahrukh Month?” to “Tell me Shahrukh Khan’s love story?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!

Now, question for you! Because it’s SRK Month, what SRK content ideas do you have for me? Fanfics, photo posts, etc?

SRK and I are asking you for ideas!


39 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the First Monday of SHAHRUKH MONTH???

  1. Ok I know it’s SRK month however this is related to someone who was a big fan of him. I was watching MS Dhoni and actually burst out crying in the interval as I genuinely really liked Sushant. I watched Kedarnath and Chicchore all because of him. I remember watching Kai Po Che in theatres. I was so upset when he died as he really was someone I rooted for and thought would become the next superstar. I really hated how his death became such a spectacle and also I would suggest searching up some of Sushant’s tweets that were deleted by his family which were about SRK. He was a huge fan of him and you can really see how well SRK treats his fans in the tweets.
    On a lighter note, can you do a SRK fanfic of him and Aish in a ADHM (like reuniting after her failed romance with Ranbir) or Zindagi Gulzar Hai style fanfic. I mean age is not a thing in fanfic so I think that would be fun.

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  2. One of my favorite SRK songs is Dilwale’s Janum Janum. I like the rain, and I think I also like the backstory of how Kajol was uncomfortable and SRK was really leading her and trying to re-show her how to dance.

    My favorite new song, as of last night is 1 hr. 28 minutes into the Netflix Movie Plan A Plan B. And it has one main character who knows how to dance, teaching / helping the other dance in an all too public setting.

    At first I thought oh, while that movie I saw (Plan A Plan B) was a pleasant time pass, that one dance was just spectacular. A piece of awesome cinema regardless of its origins. But as I think more I wonder if I love it BECAUSE it brings back Janum Janum to my mind. And I don’t really trust myself.

    So my question to you, and anyone reading this, is if you have time, and watch that final song in Plan A Plan B, IS IT at all reminiscent of Janum Janum? Or is it awesome cinema on its own? It isn’t on YouTube, otherwise I would link to it.

    It is interesting to realize I don’t know WHY I love certain things.


  3. Have you watched the penultimate episode of Koffee with Karan? It has Gauri Khan along with 2 of the Bollywood Wives. Interesting case study in the difference btwn being married to an actor vs a 3-decades global superstar.

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    • I saw it! until the daughters spoke it felt like an episode of Bollywood Wives. But it was cool listening to the kids. It was also like an advertisement for nepotism. I actually signed up for HULU just to watch it. So now I’ve got 30 days to see everything else I want from Hulu as well!


      • Hulu has a surprising amount of great content, not only its originals but its links with FX, Hotstar, and basic cable channels (Abbott Elementary!). Have fun and make haste! 😉


  4. Been caught in the Hallyu trend lately, K-dramas, K-Pop (BTS, meh; Rain, OMG! I wasn’t prepared for him.) SO happy it’s SRK month and I can get back to the sane world of DCIB. Yes, sane.

    Fave SRK song, Gerua, alto I agree with Genevieve that Janaam is super.

    The trailer for Adipurush really bummed me. Prabhas doesn’t look well. My Telugu friend says his muscles in the film are fake. He claims all older Indian actors’ abs are faked. I hit him with the dish towel.

    How about an SRK body retrospective? He was always well-formed but has been looking especially buff lately. The pix will lift my spirits.


  5. Not SRK month related. I was thinking about how Aishwarya has such a massive movie out and is getting praised everywhere, yet none of the Bachchans have promoted anything related to PS1. It’s weird, right? Both Amitabh and Abhishek post things on their SM not even directly connected to them, promote each other’s films, yet not a peep about Ash’s film! It’s making me think of the rumors about how they’re not supportive of her, etc. Never paid heed to them, but this is making me think.


    • Yea. He did like 2 sweets. One for a promo with a fan-made poster (so pays no attention AT ALL) and one after the movie that called it a masterpiece, without a peep of how amazing Aish is in this movie. Yea, a major red flag! The Bachchan clan has been noticeably silent about this.

      Whatever Aish decides to do after this movie, be it a move south to do more south movies or anything else in her life, I support her completely. She deserves a place and an industry that respects her, and that is in the south, especially Tamil Nadu.

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      • Yea, it feels fishy…and if Aish decides to leave then good for her! And the red flags are so clear even we fans can see them. Like go to Twitter and search “Vikram Aishwarya” and see the contrast to whatever the Bachchan clan is doing. That’s all I’m saying.


        • Are u sure about this? Recently i saw an award function in which Abhishek who was dancing on stage came down into the audience where aish and aradhya was sitting and danced for/with them.It was the cutest thing. It looked like a private family moment with lots of PDA. For all I know it could have been all planned and staged. But aradhya looked like she has been exposed to this PDA between her parents very often.

          The Bachan men not acknowledging her achievements in public is them being clueless patriarchal Indian men who doesn’t give women their due and take them for granted.
          And Aish being who she is will continue being the perfect wife, mother and daughter in law, weather there is reciprocation from the other side or not. (years of traditional social conditioning )

          I remember when she was asked a long time ago why she hasn’t Joined the social media yet (this is before she started insta), she gave a very complicated answer ,the gist of which was that she was scared she would have more followers than AB Sr an Jr.


  6. Out of SRK’s next three releases, which one are y’all more excited about?

    I think I’m most excited about Jawan just for the fact that we’ll see a Shahrukh-Nayanthara pairing.


      • Hmm, really? I don’t think I’ve liked any of his movies except for Anjaana Anjaani and War. Both those movies weren’t as fun on re-watches either. But I am excited to see Shahrukh and Deepika back together though!


    • I’m excited for Pathaan simply because it’s the first one. Otherwise I’m looking forward to Jawan for the same reason.

      They’re really pushing SRK’s body as promotion for Pathaan and I’m meh about it. I was never a fan of the muscles and abs look. With his latest pictures all I can think of is someone please feed him, cut and wash his hair!

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      • I think that fact that he had cameos in both Lal Singh Chaddha and Brahmastra is why I’m not as eager to see him right away, if that makes sense.

        Yeah, I’m not really a fan of the long haired look either.

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  7. I found a super cute song and must share. It ticks all the boxes:
    hot dude with nice hair – checked
    the ocean – checked
    white girl – checked
    beautiful music – checked

    It’s from bangladeshi movie No Dorai about a poor girl who wants to be a surfer but her stupid family doesn’t agree.

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