Sunday WatchAlong: Dhanak! For SRK! 7am Chicago Time!

My goodness, yesterday was exhaaaaaauuuuusting. 8 hours cold physical labor interspersed with cold standing around and talking to relatives. Which is why I went to bed almost immediately after getting home and walking the dog (at 8pm! Which is exactly 12 hours after I walked the dog right before leaving home) and now am all bright and chipper early in the morning. And only slightly guilty for falling behind in my review schedule.


This is such a lovely light movie that is the perfect refreshing way to start a day. I promise it will make you smile!


184 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: Dhanak! For SRK! 7am Chicago Time!

  1. Now that the movie is almost over, any ideas on how they got such incredible performances from these kids? So many moments that just feel like two kids hanging out together.


  2. This is one of those movies where you could interpret it as they died in the desert and all of this is “heaven”. But I think that is a STUPID interpretation, and clearly SRK saved them and everything is perfect now.


  3. Candle discrepancy – it had been burning so long the top had almost melted off before they took off his bandages. But even with the filming discontuity it was still sweet.


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