Shahrukh Month Brackets: Best Villain Movie! Which We Will Watch for WatchAlong this Weekend!

Yes! Warning you now, the winner will be our watchalong! But it should be an easy choice, he hasn’t been the villain that much. Even if I expand to “anti-hero”, it’s still not that many movies.

Bracket 1


Don 1

Bracket 2

Don 2


Bracket 3

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa


Bracket 4



Bracket 5


Wild Card


14 thoughts on “Shahrukh Month Brackets: Best Villain Movie! Which We Will Watch for WatchAlong this Weekend!

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  2. Phew!!! You really make it tough, Margaret… should I concentrate on “villain” or “anti-hero”, the performances, the “better” made movie-impression, I have?

    1) Don (I would like to take RamJaane but he isn’t a villainous villain by heart like Don is…Don is such an unapologetic villain and the movie so well built…may be; I should make 2 lists…one for villain, one for “anti hero”—but the title is about villain…however, nothing against Ram Jaane to win)
    2) Zero (as Bauua definitely is thought as an “anti-hero” = anti star movie, I choose Zero over Don 2 – who again is very villaineous – because it’s closer to my heart and only one list will be allowed, I guess…although Don 2 was shot in my native city)
    3) KHKN (oh, oh, I say with townsandtulips how can you put these two against each other…the better “anti-hero” movie is KHKN, although Baazigar is the better villain movie… but KHKN is an original story…and I adore the character-portrait)
    4) Fan (best thing! putting an “anti-hero” against a “villain”…and such a brilliantly made movie! … okay, Darr is very good, too…emotionally rooting for a villain…)
    5) Anjaam (also a villainous villain movie with a spoiled brat without a moral compass…and Madhuri! … I don’t consider Asoka as an anti-hero movie…for anti-hero, I would also rather choose Devdas …or KANK or HNY or Raees)

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  3. 1. Don
    2. Don 2
    3. Baazigar (KHKN really?!! I don’t even think of it as a negative character)
    4. Fan (I want to watch this)
    5. Hum Tumhaare Hai Sanam (i don’t remember the movie at all, but somebody did a funny review recently and his bits from the movie annoyed the hell out of me!)

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  4. I am unsure if i am imagining this as a false memory or something, but I could have sworn you had an article about SRK’s best co-stars. It was long and included almost everyone he had co-starred with and of course #1 was Kajol, but I am just not finding it in your archives. Can you link it if it wasn’t something I imagined?


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