Happy Shahrukh Day! A Photo Essay on What He Means to Me

In my last post, I ended by describing all the things he is to me, the essential things not the temporary. And now, I shall represent that IN IMAGES!

This is what I said: “He isn’t a clever interview or a new photo or even his movie appearances, he is what I feel when I close my eyes, the intelligence and morality and pain and fun and sexiness, all mixed in together.”

The Intelligence

The Morality

The Pain

The Fun

The Sexiness


7 thoughts on “Happy Shahrukh Day! A Photo Essay on What He Means to Me

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  2. The man is looking younger and fitter than ever, and Pathaan is a full on action movie with acrobatic fight scenes and shirtless shots. Pretty good way to welcome 57. I hope we get a chance to hear extended conversations with him again as the movie promos ramp up. The world is so sideways now I don’t know what to expect.


    • I hope he does something really unexpected for the promotions. Like, for some of his recent movies he did little sketch comedy bits in character as “Shahrukh”, I’d love more stuff along those lines, fun “bonus content” things.


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