Happy Shahrukh Day! Admire My Cake!

The last guests just left from my Grand Shahrukh Day Party. It was delightful, old friends hanging out and eating cake.

Cake! I got a Devil’s Food mix, because of course, it’s for SRK. And then I got home and went “oh! I bought those layer cake tins last year and never used them!” So, for SRK, I made my first EVER layer cake. It was super easy! I’m doing layer cakes from now on! So impressive with minimal effort.

Of course, frosting is my nemisis. So instead of frosting, I used Nutella. Which is goopy and hard and difficult. So I sort of loosely Nuttella’d, mostly in order to hold the layers together. And then my friends helped me use the last of the Halloween candy to decorate, plus some pretzles. I think it turned out kind of fun!

The whole evening was delightful, really the whole day. I called a bunch of people during the day and forced them to watch an SRK song while I was on the phone with them as part of celebrating. And then after work, walked over to buy cake mix and Nutella, walked home and made the cake and my first friend arrived just as I put it in the oven.

We started Happy New Year and mostly talked over it, then pulled the cake out to cool, and just as we were about to start decorating my other friends arrived. We goofed around decorating, then I called the Upstairs People to come down, and we had cake and sparkling grape juice and caught up on lives, and watched the Pathaan trailer. Then slowly everyone left one by one until me and the last couple watched “Indiawaale” at the very end of Happy New Year. And now it’s just me and Albie Dog decompressing and thinking about having a shower. Well, I’m thinking about a shower, Albie Dog is asleep.

So overall, another lovely Shahrukh Day finished. And here’s “Indiawaale” to take us off to bed.


7 thoughts on “Happy Shahrukh Day! Admire My Cake!

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  2. I’m decompressing from regular family life by watching SRK movies late into the night. I started out with Chamatkar, and after 15 minutes switched to JHMS. The one I love is older SRK, he’s a better actor than his younger self.

    WHat a fun cake. So glad you could share the day with friends. Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday – perhaps I feel bonded to SRK as he and my mother are both Scorpios, both complex souls, though I will say he takes the listed traits of determination, bravery, & ambition up multiple notches.


  3. Yes, it seems like you passed a celebrating day 🙂
    Making a fun cake with friends and the teaser and Indiawaale and SRK songs while talking to people at the phone…happy for you 🙂


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