Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Week I Go on Vacation???

Happy Monday! I work today and tomorrow and then at dawn on Wednesday I fly to California!!! And stay until late Tuesday night! My goodness, so exciting and also stressful and also relaxing (very nice to be a whole half continent away from work).

Here is where you get to ask me anything you want from “where are you going for vacation?” to “are you going to have time to watch movies while you are there?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions! Although I won’t promise to answer them right away because I’M ON VACATION.

I’ll give you one answer for free. I am visiting a good friend who moved to California and I haven’t seen since the pandemic started. Very excited to just hang out and go for walks and talk and watch movies and also be in a different place than where I live.

Now, question for you! What are you travel tips for me? Flying, staying at someone’s house, enjoying time off work, all these things I need practice on, help me!


37 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Week I Go on Vacation???

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  2. Question: curious about Urvasivo Rakshasivo and why it’s playing at my local theater when I had to drive a few towns over to watch The Legend of Maula Jatt. Any theories?

    Tips: flying is even weirder than it used to be, almost normal but not. If you’re still being cautious and wearing a mask on the plane, bring food and eat it as soon as you’re in the air and they let you put your tray table down. This will mean you’re eating not at the same time as everyone else and you can put your mask back on while everyone else is eating and drinking.


    • Luckily, my flight is so freakishly early in the morning, I don’t know that I will feel up to eating anything!

      I think it might be more that Maula Jatt was the outlier? Indian movies are suddenly playing everywhere around me, definitely a bump in availability post-pandemic. But Maula Jatt was weirdly unavailable. I’m gonna assume that was because it was inexperienced distributors who didn’t know where or how to promote the film.


  3. In between everything that’s happened in life, I made the time to read the Ponniyin Selvan books. Goshhhhhhhhh, what an absolutely fantastic series. I feel like I’ve improved as a person from reading it. Also – spoiler – Arulmozhi and Poonguzhali had a romance to die for in the book that’s totally short sold in the movie – end spoiler.

    And like one of the commentators here (not sure who), I am so definitely shipping Vikram and Aish!! Did you know that they were meant to play the leads in Ratnam’s Bombay and they couldn’t make it work? What a loss!!

    Ok that’s all from me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Enjoy Cali!! I was there recently and the weather was so lovely. I was also surprised by the sprawl … But I suppose that’s US for you really! My travel tip is to load on music and books to help you through the flight / airport wait times.


      • Oh this is so lovely – thanks for sharing – but it makes me so sad Kirre! Now I feel worse for now having gotten a movie with them as leads. I saw an interview with Vikram where he said, as soon as he heard he’s working with Aish, he asked, do I get her? Do I die? ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚

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        • Yea, I saw it! Vikram is so adorable whenever he talks about Aish! So devoted and so admiring. He was practically begging the whole press tour to have a romantic movie with Aish where he gets her. I WANT IT TOO. SO MANY FANS WANT IT. Let’s just hope we get our happy ending movie sooner than later. It has been YEARS. Let us have our happy couple be happy for once!!


          • Yeahhh… A nice middle aged love story… Or or them finding love again after separating as childhood sweethearts. I’d like a simple uncomplicated story, thank you very much! ๐Ÿ˜…

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    • Oh man, now you are making me think I should read PS again!!! I was all set to do it after I watched the movie, and then I just ran out of interest/energy. But if it’s life changing, maybe I should?

      And this goes with your music/books advice!!! I could listen to the PS soundtrack while reading PS while waiting for an airplane.


      • I had a difficult time committing to one translation, so the first two books I read twice — two translations in tandem, by Indra Neelamegham and CV Karthik. I finally stuck with the latter because I found the fact that Indra was translating the Tamil names also , distracting (specially as I was going to see the movie and I wanted to know what the actual names were even if I was going to rely on subtitles), e.g. Pazhuvettarayar became Lord Pazhavoor. “Samudra Kumari” – what PS calls Poonguzhali -becomes “Ocean Princess”, “Oomai Rani” becomes “mute queen” etc. But she definitely wrote the dialogues better. And I might go back to read the other three novels in her translation too.

        The soundtrack is so good!!

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  4. I hope your flight to California was uneventful and you are having the best time there!

    Our family has had a circus of a week! My sister’s washing machine broke so she and BIL came over to use ours. After doing a few loads of laundry, BIL noticed water in our basement. It turns out 80 feet of our sewage line has collapsed 6.5 ft under our house!!! It is going to be a really expensive and very long project. Until then our house is inhabitable because we cannot use water or bathrooms. UGH!

    So, we came to stay at my sister’s house on Monday night. As soon as I walk into the guest bedroom, a GIANT rat runs across the room!!! The rat has created a fist size hole through my sister’s wall!!! I have been sleeping upstairs in my sister’s bed. BIL travels for work during the week, but as of tonight I am going to have to go back and sleep in the rat room and I am terrified. But, I guess if it didn’t eat my husband over the last few days, it is unlikely to eat me? Also, thankfully, Baby is sleeping upstairs in BIL’s office and until the rat is caught he will stay there.


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