Return to WatchAlongs! Christmas Movies for December! Who’s In and What Do You Want to Watch?

I swear, I’m not trying to convert you into Christmas people. You can stay Halloween people or Easter People or Eid people or whatever. But there are a lot of great stupid fun songfilled romantic heartwarming Christmas movies that I think we would all enjoy.

Love Actually

Uneven, but guaranteed there will be at least one storyline you care about deeply. And I kind of want to see how much we all hate Alan Rickman together,

White Christmas

We watched it last year, but I don’t care, I watch it every year anyway. Romance, music, misunderstandings, everything good.

Miracle on 34th Street

Santa!!!! Who doesn’t love Santa???

It’s a Wonderful Life

I haven’t watched this one in years, I remember it being pretty dark and adult overall. Little scared to watch it again, would appreciate company.

Best Man’s Holiday

Technically a sequel, but you can catch up on everything without having seen the original. Like Love Actually, not every storyline will land for you. But the ones that do will land really well, and everything is just so PRETTY.

A Holiday Affair

Just a good solid rom-com that happens to be set at Christmas time. Working single Mom has to choose between her “safe” boyfriend and the fun option that suddenly appears.

Bachelor Mother

One of my favorite films! And a great choice for those of you who are having baby-filled Christmases. Charming rom-com with a little bit of a bite to it.


15 thoughts on “Return to WatchAlongs! Christmas Movies for December! Who’s In and What Do You Want to Watch?

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  2. I have never watched Bachelor Mother. I was sure it won’t be available here, but strangly it is. The bad news is it’s on Raiplay, Rai streaming service and they add and remove movies as they please.


  3. Can we please please watch Chori Chori with Rani And Ajay? It has all the qualities of a Christmas movie — i.e., in your words it is “stupid fun songfilled romantic heartwarming” movie!!!

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        • Oh shoot! I was thinking of last year. This is terrible, no birthday celebration for you this year. Still refuse to pick Chori Chori, but maybe we can revisit in January,


          • Oh ooh what about the Baby’s birthday? Does he get a watchalong for his birthday? If so, he would like to pick Chori Chori!


          • He would NOT like to pick Chori Chori! Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai, he would like Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety or something like that,


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