Happy Early Birthday Dharmendra! Let’s Pick Your Best Costumes!!!!

After Manish Malhotra’s birthday yesterday, there was a suggestion of a fashion post. Also, I feel guilty for not reviewing new movies, and I figure a Garam Dharam post is an acceptable substitute that we all can enjoy.

Baseline Dharam, brown suit and thin tie and burning look

Skirt Dharam

???? Dharam

Shorts Dharam

Floral Dharam

Uniform Dharam

White Suit Dharam

Denim Shorts Dharam

Leather Dharam

Orangatang Dharam

Sholay Dharam

And finally, Shirtless Dharam 1

Shirtless Dharam 2

Shirtless Dharam 3

Overall, I think the outfit that brings me the most joy is Shorts Dharam. And in the Shirtless category, Shirtless 3

How about you?


14 thoughts on “Happy Early Birthday Dharmendra! Let’s Pick Your Best Costumes!!!!

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  2. The styling of Shorts is impeccable. The perky hat, the flourish of the scarf, the dramatic effect of socks and shoes in a different colour way, and then that come-hither smile. Magnificent! 😊

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