Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to the Day After St. Nicholas’ Day?

Happy Wednesday! I’m doing laundry and watching Bake Off and being happy, woot! And also just a wee bit stressed about work stuff, but not that much. Wait, never mind, I wrote that sentence 4 hours ago and now I am SUPER stressed.

I’ll start!

Reading: Lyrics of Christmas songs as I watch the videos, gah no times for anything else.

Watching: Bake Off. It’s infinitely soothing, and I need soothing.

Thinking: I hate it, but I think I need to set aside time to sit and watch Bake Off and do nothing. UGH! I have to mail things and see people and watch movies and now I have to waste time just sitting and waiting for my head to stop spinning.

Listening: Ready to cry? The Frank Sinatra “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” has an official video on their channel about Venezualian immigration.


17 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to the Day After St. Nicholas’ Day?

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  2. I watched RRR again, still in the theater! It was nice because I’ve already seen it and know the story, so I could just watch without concentrating on subtitles.

    Also super busy, but have been watching Dear Friend in 20-minute increments. I haven’t even gotten to the mystery part yet, but I like it so far. Is movies about groups of friends, each of whom gets their own subplot, the defining micro-genre of the late 2010s and early 2020s?


    • Hmmm. I wouldn’t say defining of the 2000s, I’d say more that the return of the ensemble cast is a sign of the times. That was big in the 80s too, right? With the whole BRat Pack thing?

      Something generational? Each age desires it’s only ensemble stories?


  3. We have been watching soccer, and playing soccer, and breathing soccer. But our TV is huge and in the living room and when it is on it is hard to escape – so typically it is on at limited times, but not with soccer. It has been too much noise, last night I demanded it off. My spouse was perhaps a bit sad, but the sound of children playing was lovely.


      • Kinda – We sorta have three months off December – March, but then sometimes people put together tournament teams who practice then too. Mind you it snowed where I live last night! But not much, you could still play soccer, and the school teams are playing.


  4. I watched Love Today, and it was really cute and new. It’s now in my top 3 2022 movies list.

    Not indian movies: I watched Puss in the boots 2 in cinema yesterday. It was nice but it’s not Shrek (but nothing is like Shrek, as my son says). I also saw the trailer of Avatar 2 and I’m shocked how disappointing it was.

    Reading: I borrowed Little Women one month ago from the library,but read only one chapter so far. I have never read this book nor watched the movie. It’s nice and I know I will like it, but for some reason I don’t feel like continuing. Please encourage me.


    • You will like it, the pacing is a little old-fashioned so you have to adjust. Biggest thing to know, halfway through there is a minor time jump. So if it feels like everything is a little slow, its that sort of slooooow and then time jump pacing some stories have.


  5. I was reading about upcoming movies and found this teaser of Ritesh-Genelia upcoming marathi movie Ved.

    I liked it. Then I heard two song form the movie and I’m totally in love. I found my new obsession. I really hope it’s not the remake of Majili.


  6. The first song from Cirkus is out and it falls into that really annoying category of “the song is okay but the video is fun so I keep going back to it for that reason and also because the song keeps getting stuck in my head even though I don’t actually like it that much”

    The choreo is okay and Ranveer and Deepika are cute I guess. I feel like some of their sheer raw chemistry has dimmed since they got married. Deepika kind of looks like she’s phoning it in. Also read an article that she’s reprising Meenamma in this movie? From Chennai Express???? Make it make sense


    • I thought they were cute together 🙂. I love watching Ranveer dance, I’d forgotten. And I’m curious if this married stage will get us years and years of watching them together as time passes, like Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn.


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