Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Monday Before Christmas????

Happy Monday! I think I am done with Christmas, except for the actual celebration. All the gifts are mailed or hand delivered to local friends, all the other gifts are purchased and just need to be wrapped. And then on Friday, my parents and I leave for a fun weekend in Milwaukee of fancy dinners and museum visits and other activities.

Here is where you get to ask me anything you want from “Are you going to see Cirkus?” to “Why aren’t you going to see Cirkus?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!

Now, question for you! In honor of World Cup yesterday (which my housemates and I watched together), this man is very very handsome isn’t he?

18 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Monday Before Christmas????

  1. What do you think of the explosion of the end of year roundtable interviews/discussions beyond the “original” Rajeev Masand ones (which have now been moved to Netflix)? Do you watch them ?

    I have always watched them at the end of the year (also love a best of year list). But this year they are popping up everywhere. Pinkvilla has one which just cracks me up! My takeaways from the ones I’ve watched so far. Baradwaj Rangan is a complete sexist, Karan Johar dominates any room and is always great to listen to (I much prefer him talking about himself and the industry seriously than the gossip crap on KWK), Vidya Balan is so smart and cool (and her earrings and sari ensemble (black and gold with mismatched earrings)on one of the interviews was one of the best looks I’ve seen in a while), SS Rajamouli is charming and modest ( so far), Dulquer is very sweet and has a great voice which I notice more when he speaks in English, Vijay Varma is odd but endearing, Karthik Aryan is such a kiss ass, Diljit is often falsely humble and this disguises his problematic behaviors elsewhere (his gross obsession with Kylie Jenner…isn’t he married?!), Tillotama is so out there in a good way and I would love to read a tell-all memoir by her, and I can’t wait to watch all of these roundtables this year!


  2. I forgot to sat that I have a real Christmas Tree this year! It’s nice and not big (which is good in my little living room) but I feel cheated because it doesn’t smell like a fresh tree ! 😦 That was the reason I wanted a real tree – I wanted to feel the forest scent. Stupid Ikea and it’s not fragrant trees.


    • I think the better trees actually smell less. We always get what is called a “Nordmann” in German, because it is supposed to be just a tiny bit more resistant to our real candles. But I think that’s at least partially because it doesn’t have quite as much essential oils (=flammable).

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      • That fits with my trees! Last year I got a huge sticky difficult big boy and it smelled up the house. This year I got a smaller thinner practical tree, hardly any smell.


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  4. So I watched Babes in Toyland and it was actually fine. It’s a fairly wacky kids’ movie, but everyone here has seen weirder. You’d enjoy the Wizard of Oz refs and the henchman who is based on RiffRaff in Rocky Horror (that’s the kind of movie this is).

    I feel like I should want to watch Cirkus but my experiences with new movies have been so bad lately I just do not.


    • Yeah, 2022 isn’t a good year for movies, especially hindi movies. On Reddit someone asked about 5 favourite hindi movies from 2022, I checked my notes and I have seen only 7, and 3 of them are the worst films I have seen this year.

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      • Agreed, definitely not so strong this year and I’m also a bit easier to please than most. I keep a best Indian films list for each year on my letterboxd (filmilibrarian) and this year only has Badhaai Do, Gangubai Kathlawadi, Dasvi, and Brahmastra for Hindi films (the last for its “importance” and some scenes more than its overall merit). And I have seen several other Hindi films that didn’t make this personal list. The non-Hindi titles on it are RRR, Ante…Sundarankli!, and Thiruchitrambalam. I suppose I should put PS-1 on it, too, but I still haven’t rewatched it since I saw it in the theaters with unreadable subtitles.

        But honestly my movie watching year was dominated by my favorite film of the year Top Gun: Maverick which I have watched several times now. I very much dislike Tom Cruise, but I have a pure nostalgic love for Top Gun.


        • I followed you on Letterboxd Filmilibranian ☺
          Badhaai Do is also my highest rated hindi movie from 2022 (I rate movies depending on how much I enjoyed them, not on the objective quality) .Then Ek Villain 2 (I know, but those romantic scenes in the rain) and Brahmastra. Those are the ones I enjoyed.
          Rocketry, Dhoka round d corner (Maddy was such a disappointment this year) Heropanti 2 and Cobalt Blue are on the bottom of the list. Cobalt Blue was really bad but I still hope Popka will try to watch it because it was so strange.


  5. Anyone have thoughts on the Kuttey trailer? Konkona, Naseeruddin, thin version of Arjun, Tabu wearing the exact same thing she did in Drishyam?


    • I’m very excited about this one and thought the trailer looked pretty good. I did just rewatch Kaminey recently and didn’t like it as much in the rewatch so I’m a little nervous. Indian black comedies don’t usually work for me. Tabu and Konkona are definite faves though and that dialogue Tabu gives could become a classic. The delivery was great, of course. I’m an Arjun fangirl so I’m always excited to see him in something that he obviously fits better (like he did the role in Sandeep aur Pinky Farrar).


      • Arjun looks so hot in this trailer. He fits and looks better in this kind of violent movies, that’s true, but I unfortunately don’t like this genre 😦 But yes, it looks like a solid film. I hope it will be a hit.


          • Oh! Miss Braganza! Totally unrelated linguistic question! Saira just asked me if it is “Happy Christmas” or “Merry Christmas”. Do you have any idea why people in England say “Happy” and in America we say “Merry”? If not, can you make one of your students research it and tell us?


          • I actually know the answer to that, kind of! Not because I’m a linguistic but because a British friend told me. Sometime in the, probably, Victorian period it was decided in the UK that “merry” had too much of a connotation of “drunk,” and so there was a movement to change the greeting. Americans did not get that memo and still use the older form.


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