Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to as I Prepare for Frigid Cold?

Happy Wednesday! Tomorrow I get a blizzard, Friday I get “do not go outside at all” cold weather, and then Saturday all is calm and more just “your hands will fall off” cold. Oh, also Christmas! But honestly right now I am more “what do I do about the cold?” focused.

I’ll start!

Reading: Well, stuff on how to stay warm! The key seems to be “don’t go outside at all ever”. I wonder what I will do with Albie Dog?

Watching: Bake Off! And I was supposed to get together with a friend to watch a movie tomorrow, and maybe see Cirkus on Friday. But, you know, “do not go outside at all!” weather, so that probably won’t be happening.

Thinking: Trying not to think about the people who can’t stay inside, gah. I’m doing food deliveries today to folks who are homebound, but at least they have homes. And no one seems to have a solution for homelessness? At least, not within the next 24 hours. And it’s Christmas!

Listening: “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, of course! My favorite version is the original from Neptune’s Daughter where it is a goody comedy song and Betty Garrett is amazing.

Question for you: What’s your mantra when you feel bad about horrible social problems that are too big for you to fix? I’ve got to stop obsessing over people sleeping outside in negative 30 degrees.

Much funner question!!!! It’s Govinda’s birthday! Favorite Govinda song?

I have to admit I don’t know many Govinda songs. But I really like this one!


43 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to as I Prepare for Frigid Cold?

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  2. Though I’m pretty partial to “Dil Le Liya,” I suppose for me the quintessential Govinda song must be “Aankhiyon Se Goli Maare”–

    –because I invariably misremember the lyric as “Aankhiyon ko goli maare,” which is precisely how my eyes feel after watching most Govinda songs (affectionate).


  3. I keep catching up with the movies. Today I wasn’t feeling well and I spent all day on the couch watching stuff. First telugu action comedy Saakini Daakini about two police trainees, who at first hate each other but later become best friends and solve an important case. The movies about policewomen are becoming one of my favourite subgenres. They kick asses, have nice fight scenes and Nivetha Thomas is really funny. A nice watch. And Nivetha is officialy one of my favourite southern actresses.
    And in the afternoon I watched Thank God. It was nice pastime, perfect for a bad day on the couch.

    Few days ago I watched Samantha’s Yashoda because I heard Unni Mukundan is in it. I was sure it will be another blink and you mis it cameo, but he has a real and important role. The film is not good and during watching I was thinking it’s the most ridiculous film I have seen this year. But then there were a couple of twist, and I discovered it’s based on the real creepy incidents. I don’t feel like making fun of it anymore, but yes, it’s not a good movie and I don’t recommend it.


  4. I’m happy to report that I’m struggling through Cobalt Blue so Angie, get ready.

    I have many favourites for many different reasons, but my absolute favourite of all time is this one from Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani. It has it all: great dancing, ChiChi being young and cute, Jaya Prada, amazing costumes, blackface (?), mild homoeroticism from Rishi Kapoor:

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      • I finished it, and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be but I do feel very annoyed that I was tricked into watching a social issue movie in the guise of a love triangle one.

        God the main character was a drip. I wanted to drown him in his bloody pond. Also, I found it weird that despite the point of the movie obviously being that women and gay men are both caged by the patriarchy, and the sister being obviously the best and most sympathetic character in the movie, it still somehow had an air of misogyny.

        I can’t pinpoint why it has that, maybe because the main character never stops hating his sister or because they don’t band together against the patriarchy ever. Is this the result of pressure from the censor or something? They had to make a bunch of small changes that mean the whole movie is weird now?

        WHY does he think it was a good relationship? He is such a huge idiot. Don’t cut off your sister because of some guy! You can’t throw a rock in a crowded street without hitting like 50 guys like that!


        • IMO it has this stink of misygyny because even if the sister suffered a lot more, the protagonist still thinks he is the most hurted one. Like her feelings are less important because she is a woman.

          And yes, the protagonist is absolutely terrible. Not only the character is bad, but also the guy who played him. I don’t call him an actor because it would be an offence to the real actors. Did you also have the moment when you thought: Is this movie for real? The sex scenes, the dude wearing only the bow tie. I just couldn’t. And the tag line: “Love is a habit. The habit ends… you die.” WTF?

          But there is one thing I loved – Neil Bhoopalam as gay teacher. He was terrific. I had goosebumbs when he talk about his loneliness. He and Prateik, both deserve better movies.


          • Yeah, I think you’re right. He absolutely just feels like he is superior to her for no reason whatsoever.

            I spent the WHOLE movie going: Is this movie for real? Like in any other movie the main guy would have a realisation that he shouldn’t overromanticise or think his whole life is a poem or whatever he was doing, so I kept waiting for that but nothing.

            GOD the bow tie thing! So insane and they just act like it’s nothing.

            Yeah Neil Bhoopalan was good, his monologue was so heartbreaking.


  5. Made it through about 10 minutes of Jogi, but it looked like it was going to be sad, and it’s Christmas. I will watch it later, but not the thing now. (Is it sad? Should I wait until after Christmas?)

    So, I switched to Code Name Tiranga (I don’t know, Netflix suggested it) and I have about an hour to go, but too much stuff is happening and there are too many moral/emotional dilemmas in what is basically an action movie. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s basically like a low-rent Raazi. And, maybe it’s just me but I think sneaking into the bad guys’ lair is much more interesting than immediately having your cover blown and starting shooting. It’s got Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, which is exciting, but he’s onscreen for like a minute and a half.

    I’m totally going to watch Thank God when I finish plowing through this, I could stand something like with cute Sid.


  6. So tonight, after dinner, while eating cookies, my father was trying to convince us that Baby It’s Cold Outside is a feminist song where the woman holds all the power. You should have seen my sisters face. But he said it came from a movie, but he couldn’t remember the movie. I said I bet you (Margaret) would know – and low and behold – you DO KNOW and had even posted about it on this VERY SAME DAY!!

    Incidentally based on my sister’s research it started out as a comedic parlor song meant to tell people to go home at the end of the evening.

    Does the song have feminist implications? Well as it seems ridiculous to me that it could be used as song to tell people to leave, I accept that I have no idea, but now I’m curious to see the film.


    • Neptune’s Daughter is just a fun silly film, and not a holiday movie or anything. There’s two sisters, they think they are dating the same guy (but they aren’t, it’s a mistaken identity situation). They both feel guilty, it’s a nice loving sister story, but also The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants. Lots of confusion and misunderstandings and farces and stuff.

      Anyway, I’ve never gotten the “oooo, BAD” vibe from the song. The arguments from both sides are so silly that I’ve always read it as a flirting game, not a real fight (“if you catch pneumonia and die” “my maiden aunts mind is vicious”).


  7. I am thinking that the stupid Chicago weather is messing with our holiday plans. We have already changed out flights three times. Now, we think we are flying out tomorrow morning. We are really really hoping it goes smoothly.


    • Same! But different! Our plan was going to be tomorrow my household celebrates Christmas, opens presents in the morning and then goes out and has fun. And tomorrow night my parents and I drive to Milwaukee for our fun Christmas weekend. Now it’s turned into our household is locked together inside for 24 hours, and my parents and I leave on Saturday morning (hopefully)


      • Update: Our incoming flight was on time but due to some mechanical problems it’s infinitely delayed. Of course, the flight before and after us has been canceled. Mr. Toddles was doing great for 3 hours because he had so many exciting new things to look at and eat. But of course, now he is way past his naptime and screaming his brains out in the lounge. 🤦🏽‍♀️


  8. Reading: I finished Our Year of Maybe by Rachel Lynn Solomon, about a boy who receives a life-saving kidney transplant from his childhood best friend who’s had a crush on him for years. You’d think this would be a romance but it’s not. It’s about codependence and toxic friendship and discovering yourself, which I found far more interesting.

    Watching: I finished Khaali Peeli last weekend and I could tell you absolutely nothing about the plot points. Not that it was bad, it was fun while I was watching it, Ishaan and Ananya have really good chemistry and banter. But some of the styling choices were weird and I didn’t understand half of what was happening and was going through it on vibes alone. Good time pass though. Would watch a sequel if they ever made it.

    Listening: As much as I hate the Pathaan songs, that’s all that’s been stuck in my head this week. My friend is obsessed with Jhume Jo Pathaan and has been posting fan videos all over her instagram. I can’t escape.

    Thinking: WINTER BREAK!!! it is finally here and I am happy. Also happy that Hanukkah ends on Christmas this year, but it might be too cold for my family to venture out for the Christmas movie and Chinese food outing. Also always impressed and surprised with the gifts my students give me, totally unexpected.

    And I’m surprised no one’s mentioned this Govinda song yet


  9. Netflix gave us (Harshwardhan Rand fans) an unexpected gift today – Tara vs Bilal appeared out of nowhere. I didn’t even know it’s supposed to come to Netflix. A very nice surprise.


      • I just finished and Aaawwwwwww 😍
        Y’all should watch it. It’s simple and romantic, the heroine is sweet and intelligent, Harsh is heartbroken (and he is so good when heartbroken) and the other characters have their stories and stuff. It’s not perfect, but it has the potential to be really great.


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