NEW SRK Song!!!! “Jhoome Jo Pathan”, Thank Goodness No Wig

What a wonderful thing to wake up to!!! And thank you Claudia for posting the first alert. I like it better than “Besheram Rang” partly because of no-wig, but also other reasons.

“Besheram Rang”, ultimately, was a male gaze song. Dips is dancing around being sexy while SRK watches. This song is much less so, both that SRK joins in more and that Deepika is doing more elaborate dance concepts instead of just being sexy.

Most of all, SRK is looking better!!! I swear the last song was a wig, his hairline was all wrong and weird. But this, I am almost positive is real hair. His hairline is as it should be and over all I feel like I can see more of his face.

A bit confused about the whole costume concept for him in this film. Maybe it’s picking up on the idea of “Pathaan”? The sort of cool roaming horse riding warrior type? And a modern version of the Pathaani suit outline?

This is the historical illustration that pops up when I search for “Pathan” and it does feel like what they are going for:

And now I am realizing I need to do a post on the history and meaning of the idea of “Pathan”. What a fun project for me!


17 thoughts on “NEW SRK Song!!!! “Jhoome Jo Pathan”, Thank Goodness No Wig

  1. I just love your commentary it’s always 👌🏾 and clarifies a few things that I don’t really understand – considering I am new in this SRK fan and Indian movies thing 😀

    Thank you

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  2. This song made me super excited for the movie. Like “take my money and show me the movie asap”. I love the melody, I love the guitar and the drums and Arijit’s voice.
    But the choreographer and Shaleena Nathani should be abandoned in the jungle and never come back to movies.

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  4. I like this song a lot. It got stuck in my head immediately and Arijit Singh always sounds great. I definitely enjoyed this video more than the last one but that’s probably because SRK was actually participating this time. The choreography could be better though.

    I also thought the costumes were kinda weird but now that you mention it the modernized ‘Pathan’ concept makes sense. The first couple shots of him on the balcony with the tattered cape thing gave me Prince of Persia vibes. Also that silver ear cuff is gonna make me think of Josh every time I see it.

    Over all I think the vibe of the movie is coming together well with both of the songs and the teaser. The hype is great and I’m excited.

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  5. At World Cup Jio TV show Shah Ruck said “ Pathaan is the guy you call last minute when you are all tied up and you can’t find a solution.” So I am thinking scenes are shot from different “assignments” and locations. Helps with understanding the costumes. And Margaret, you are not the only one who wondered about a wig in first song. I have watched many times and the wisps of hair under his hat in late dance scene do not match. I agree in this latest song his hair looks natural. Looks like I am alone in this: I like the choreography. Leaves me wanting more.


  6. I watched this as it premiered live, since it was 2:30 pm in Japan and I didn’t have a meeting for a change. I agree with everyone: I’d rather watch Shah Rukh dance than watch him watch Deepika.

    My quibble is the footwear choice. Big clunky boots make him look . . .clunky in the dancing. It bothered me throughout the video.

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  7. This is fun 🙂. They both look gorgeous. The song is OK. The costumes are a touch odd – your interpretation seems generous – but nowhere near Billu level odd. He’s worn stranger get-ups in lots of films. Definitely looks very big budget actiony.

    One thing I was thinking with these songs is that I haven’t been getting an immediate sense of the character, the way we did with Raees or Harry or Suri, or even with Ranveer as Simmba. Curious to see if that feels different in the context of the movie.

    I’d love to read your deep dive of Pathan. I had a whole different film spun up in my imagination just on the basis of the title alone, before we learned more about this one.


    • Agree about the personality! That’s part of why I am wondering if the songs are slightly edited. I feel like we get the character touches in the little reaction shots and by play and stuff between big dance moves. I think the first edit of “Beech Beech Mein” from JHMS didn’t have the opening in the karaoke bar, or the bit where they are setting the table for dinner. No dancing in those bits, but lots of character stuff.


  8. I wish I could see what you guys are seeing! This is the most unappealing SRK has looked to me 😭. The styling is the biggest culprit and I’m ready to commit violence against whoever decided to make him look like a vagrant. More importantly, he does not look comfortable with himself in the song and this is the man who has sold ludicrous situations with absolute confidence in the past. I hope I’m wrong about everything when the film releases, keeping my fingers crossed!


  9. I love the lyric in the song (or perhaps the translation as I don’t know Hindi) “Even my enemies desire my embrace” – that is just so SRK the actual human. I feel like this movie was written just for him. I’m a bit worried as so much was happening in his life, I don’t know how his acting will be, but I am super excited plot wise.


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