Netflix Alert! Lots of New Movies Added, MOST IMPORTANT Eega and Fidaa!!!!

Woot, new Netflix contracts as of Jan 1! And Woot-woot, the success of RRR has made them realize they need more southern stuff.

MOST IMPORTANT!!!! Eega is added!!!! No doubt because RRR and B1 and B2 are such big hits, Netflix realized they should pony up the cost for Eega.

And Fidaa, because Shyam Singha Roy did so good for Sai Pallavi!

I know Eega used to be on Netflix for a long time, and I think Fidaa was as well. But I am like 80% sure Fidaa wasn’t on Netflix last month, and I am 100% sure Eega wasn’t.

This bringing back movies is really interesting to me!!!! It reminds me of how, like, Law and Order is back again, and Will and Grace came back, and all of that. I suspect they dropped the movies to begin with because they didn’t see the value in paying out to renew the contract based on the views they were getting.

But now it’s a few years down the line, the streaming scene is getting crowded with competitors, and the numbers Netflix was getting for Eega back in the day are looking pretty dang good. Just like all those shows that got canceled by dumb networks in the early 2000s because they didn’t realize it was the fault of the market, not the shows.

I am really REALLY hoping that this is the start of a trend with Netflix. They realized the value of the Korean shows and bought the good stuff, and promoted it, and SUBTITLED it, so maybe they will do the same with Indian content. You just have to have to faith and put in the starter money to buy it, and the rewards will follow.

Anyway, everyone should go watch Eega and Fidaa. And also that other thing Genevieve is obsessed by, Genevieve what is that one?


8 thoughts on “Netflix Alert! Lots of New Movies Added, MOST IMPORTANT Eega and Fidaa!!!!

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  2. PARUGU!!! Though Netflix changed some of the subtitles so the dialogue is a little less bity. No more “comrades” or “wheels under his butt”. Also they revamped the footage, but in the revamp over blued the mist scenes so they lost some beauty. But the friendship between the servant and the female lead is one of the BEST servant portrayals I’ve ever seen. And I love the imperfections of all the characters, the protagonists AREN’T perfect! And Allu Arjun is as charming as ever.


    • I love both that you have already watched the Netflix version, and that you watched the previous one so much you can do these sorts of high level comparisons!


  3. Netflix lately was very good for me. On Christmas I found Tara vs Bilal on the home page, few days later Double XL, and today Gatta Kusthi. All the movies I was waiting for without knowing in which streaming platform they will land.
    I subscribe for one month to Zee every autumn but this year I didn’t, because I had stuff to watch on Netflix. It’s all thanks to a friend who told me that if I change the settings of my account to english I will be able to see more movies. It’s true e.g the old SRK films are not on Italian N. coz they don’t have italian subs, but after changing the settings I see them. The same with malayalam movies.

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  4. I think the main connection is that Dil Raju (prominent Telugu producer) signed a new deal with Netflix because about five or six of his movies got added recently. This includes Fidaa, Parugu, Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some more movies of his slowly get added each month.


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