Sunday WatchAlong: 7:30am Chicago Time! Sanam Teri Kasam! For Kirre’s BIRTHDAY!!!!

Okay, I know almost all of you have already seen it, but it’s a whole different thing watching it in a watchalong! Join in with the comments below, have brilliant new thoughts, and be all swoony together.

Sanam Teri Kasam

Tragically it is Eros limbo, so technically listed on Prime but only if you sign up for the Eros subscription which isn’t worth it because half the stuff isn’t subtitled. Instead, I recommend einthusan. Which has it’s own problems, but at least stuff is subtitled! Oh, and you can also rent on YouTube.

At 7:30am Chicago time I will put up an “And PLAY” comment and we will all go along from there! Crazy over the top unrealistic love story, here we come! (yes, I will be snarky. Even on Kirre’s birthday. I’M SORRY!!!)


456 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: 7:30am Chicago Time! Sanam Teri Kasam! For Kirre’s BIRTHDAY!!!!

  1. Remember in Vivaah when Shahid has to marry Amrita while she is in the hospital so he can sign the next-of-kin papers? that was a logical hospital marriage.

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  2. This is just like the end of K3G! Remember when Amitabh was all “why didn’t you come back and apologize after I told you never to come back?” And almost equally infuriating.

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  3. My best friend died of a brain tumor, I’m not so big on this will of God BS. More like Nuclear Plant explosions have real consequences and 4 out of 5 family members exposed will get cancer. How helpless must one feel to believe all is the will of God.


  4. If you don’t remember my review, I take this as “for a perfect romantic fantasy, you never want to be a boring wife/mother/homemaker type, so the fantasy is to end with the Peak Romance moment and not continue”. Thus, death. Or in Twilight, Life After Death.

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  5. Okay, here is where I point out the timeline. This movie released in 2016, he went to jail at 13. So between when she died in 2015 and a year later, he finished high school, college, and law school.


  6. Who here as seen the American Love Story? First, Ray Milland plays the Mean Old Rich Dad role and is so much more interesting and sexy than our boring hero. Second, our hero asks Ray Miland for money for the first time ever and it makes him feel like dirt because it is FOR HIS WIFE’S TREATMENT. Very similar to this, but with a sexy Dad.


  7. Also, in most places you can’t become a lawyer if you have a felony on your record. But then, I’m not a lawyer, I don’t know about Indian law.


  8. It’s impossible to live, and yet here he is alive. Maybe that was the translation but saying “If you go away I will die” and then not DYING is kinda lame.

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  9. Also, FYI, the same creative team made Lucky No Time For Love, which has a similarly ridiculous romantic plot and great songs, but also Salman Khan.


  10. At the end of the movie A Walk to Remember, which has essentially the same plot (good girl saves bad boy and then dies), he goes to visit his father-in-law years later and says he was just sorry she never got to see a Miracle before she died and his father-in-law says “YOU were the miracle! Watching you change from bad boy to Doctor was the miracle”. So maybe this movie is going for something like that? He died just to live again as a Proper Lawyer?

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  11. “So what happened at the end?” – 11 year old
    She dies of a brain tumor and he says he can’t live with out her, but then he continues to live, but very sadly.
    “For the rest of his days?” -11 year old
    For maybe a year? At least that is what we see in the movie.

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    • In Oliver’s Story, the sequel to Love Story, he falls in love with Candice Bergen. So maybe Harsh falls in love with the Indian version of Candice Bergen, which would be Shraddha Kapoor.


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