Sunday WatchAlong: Double XXL! 7:30am Chicago Time on Netflix

Woot, Sunday movie! I had such a day of accomplishments yesterday, got groceries and hung a picture and all kinds of things, and now it is lovely to just have a nice sloooooooooooooow morning.

Double XXL

It’s on Netflix, it looks fun, it has Sonakshi and we love her.

At 7:30am Chicago time, I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and then we will all comment along from there.


227 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: Double XXL! 7:30am Chicago Time on Netflix

  1. It is so hard to believe that someone as gorgeous as Sonakshi, who is so well put together with fantastic hair, felt that she was defined by her weight. The Huma character okay, but Sonakshi’s character clearly knew her worth with her designs, though I do admit the boyfriend using her would have been hard.

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      • Maybe if they put in something about “I got into fashion to make clothes for myself, but after 4 years in fashion school that got trained out of me”. Because I could believe that the training in “this is what professional clothes designing is” changed her concept of fashion even if it didn’t change her feeling about hereself.


    • At first I was getting annoyed that their worth would be defined by stupid guys thinking they were hot, but then as the romantic interests were left unsure of their status it linked back to the women’s power and then I was good with it.


      • I watched Double XL last night and I was completely underwhelmed. I now think that Zaheer Iqbal is one of the worst actors I have ever seen. HOWEVER, I do agree totally with Genevieve that at least they had the slow burn romances be truly secondary and gave the power to the women at the end.


  2. That was a delightful little movie! And I am so SO glad Sonakshi got a good part. When she is good, she is very very good, but when she is bad, she is awful. Also, I hope this inspires her to start dating better dudes in real life.

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    • It was a relatively inoffensive film for sure, but I could not stand Huma’s character and Zo was annoying and Zaheer Iqbal was terrible in the role. I remembered him being fine in Notebook but I may have been distracted by the beauty of the Kashmir setting. This movie couple with the ridiculously terrible Blockbuster video with Sonakshi makes me hope we never see him again on screen. But since he’s dating her and he has Salman in his corner, not likely.

      I think the writing was most at fault overall…very slow pacing. The body image and girl power messages were fine, but the execution was horrid. Plus the white extras in London were absolutely cringeworthy (though nice that they tried to fit in some reference to LGBTQ content).

      I watched Noor yesterday as well and while that movie has its problems it’s still very watchable as a slice of life story about a young urban woman’s career and love life.


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