Monday Morning Questions Post: What Do You Want to Ask Me on Sid M’s Birthday????

Happy Monday! And Happy Sid M day!!! I am sleepy sleepy sleepy and trying to focus on work, but the rainy weather is not helping me.

Here is where you ask me anything you want from “are you going to review Double XXL?” to “Who is Sid M?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!

Now, question for you! What is your favorite Sid M performance?

For me, A Gentleman. Not even close to anything else, it’s so so so so good.

27 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions Post: What Do You Want to Ask Me on Sid M’s Birthday????

  1. Question: Are they going to actually promote Pathaan or is this it? I was so looking forward to SRK doing fun things but I’m afraid that’s not on the cards. I know there’s good buzz around the film but this is very unusual.

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    • I think this is smart actually. SRK’s doing tweets and we are getting trailers and songs, and we all know the release date. I would argue that the past few years have been OVERLY promoting of films. Thanks to the pandemic, everyone was forced to sort of take a step back and turns out that it still works that way. No need for a huge event, a million interviews, any of that.


  2. I check local cinemas everyday to see if they announced Pathaan but there are no news. Like absolutely no news. I even found some fb pages of guys who shows Indian movies in cinemas, and they haven’t written a word about Pathaan, which can be a good news, because maybe they can’t distribute it, because there is some other bigger distributor. What do you think? Is it possible or am I imagining things?


    • I can tell you in Chicago, there are already multiple theaters with tickets for sale here, and have been for almost a week. i am waiting for a theater really close to me to have a showtime, and also constantly refreshing! What I really want is a Thursday midnight show.

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  3. My favourite Sid M performance is Hasee Toh Phasee, as he just seemed so full of potential. Ah, while he is a beautiful that man is not an actor.
    Question for you, in honour of SRK’s film releasing in 2 weeks. Which hair do you think suits SRK the best?

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    • This sounds lame, but based on the Dubai video Royalparadigm just shared, his current hair! I like the casual youthful feel to it, without seeming too young for him.


  4. My only question is did you see how happy Shah Rukh looked in Dubai? My twitter was flooded with pictures and videos of him the whole weekend but this clip is by far my favorite.

    I also couldn’t help remembering that he had once said that 70mm might be too small for his mom to see from heaven as the Pathaan trailer played on the biggest screen in the world.

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  5. I do really like A Gentleman, but I’m not such a fan of Jacqueline Fernandez, so while the plot and action was tops, the chemistry was ehhh. Thus I think my favorite performance is Hasee Toh Phasee – AMazing chemistry that more than makes up for the lack of action. A sweet gem of a film.

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  6. Oh, there is promotion for Pathaan…in India done by the stupid people (right wing, Hindutva) – but even negative promotion is promotion. And SRK focusses on the fans (with already 3x #AskSRK) and the promotion outside of India (Qatar and now Dubai):

    Here in Germany a looot of cinemas will screen Pathaan at least one time (a theatre near me even has a daily screening for one week!)

    Sidharth…Best = A Gentleman and Shershaah, but I liked him very much in Ittefaq also.


  7. I feel like SRK is doing amazing with Pathaan promotions. He is doing more 15 minute ask SRK sessions on twitter and he is going to his fan base – as demonstrated by the Dubai trailer launch. And finally, he is saying what he has to say in a well thought out speech at film festivals instead of engaging in a back and forth with so called reporters who are just looking to create more controversy. And the reporters are covering everything anyways because Pathaan is constantly in the news. Finally, he is staying authentic to the extent he can given the crap he went though without the fake, overly happy, and frankly obnoxious promotions that usually happen — ahem Brahmastra! Plus, just by the sheer fact that is this the first SRK film in years and a giant action spectacle, it is doing exceptionally well in advance sales.

    To answer your question, while I love A Gentleman, I have to agree with others that Jacqueline annoys me in the movie. So I have to pick Hasee Toh Phasee as well. I am curious if Mission Majnu will be worth watching. I have not seen Shershaah or Marjaavan or Brothers and likely never will. I might have to wait and see what other DICBers say about Mission Majnu before I decide whether I want to watch it.

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